downslide & clay play

Had been doing lots better - now it has slipped a bit. Of course I need not to dwell on that. ha! Completely overwhelmed with work, stupid class observation today of my worst section of course, exhausted, headache the last two days for some reason, and the household cat hair/general dirt situation has reached critical mass which always depresses/stresses me until I have time to do another big cleaning session (i.e. more than the tidying and spot-cleaning that is of course carried out regularly, mind you). Dropped the ball on a couple of crucial things today - for me mostly so at least not work-related but still. One would have afforded me $100.

DIHS going strong.

On the bright side I trimmed my teapot last night at pottery class. I'm not super happy with the pieces I've made in there but mostly it was just so I would be authorized to have access to the studio. (There are two Open Studio periods each week at The ARTS Cent*r but you have to have taken a pottery class there in order to be eligible.) It was good to have structure and someone overseeing/advising as I jumped back in anyway. I took the intermediate/advanced class and was pleasantly surprised at how little I seem to have forgot re throwing, etc. The first night there was some trouble centering my clay but after that way less - almost back to normal of 3.5 years ago. I still need lots of studio time in order to feel really comfortable again but lots of yays nonetheless.

The class was good also in forcing me to push the envelope a bit - we had required pieces to do, none of which would I probably have made on my own. As I said I'm not super happy with any of them but I'm really glad I had to do them - somehow having someone say it was required resulted in perseverance about the new/different formats. When you're on your own if you're trying to make something specific and it goes wonky you can just turn it into another bowl or something, but I didn't allow that tactic as an option in the class.

So some day soon you'll have pics of my:
  • pitcher (requirement was to do something that would need a pulled handle)
  • lidded pot (probably the most fun piece but I don't like the handle because it was slightly forced on me by the instructor and wasn't my own idea - quintessential Susanness raising its head there)
  • teapot (all slab-built and kind of wacky and not, I don't feel, very Me, but good experience)
  • closed form pot (with lid cut out - this one is not great but is probably my favorite - I loved doing a closed form - so fun! also easiest way to make a lidded pot)

I glazed the pitcher last night - nothing special, just a blue-green solid glaze, no stripes or overlaps, etc., as used to be my wont. I trimmed the teapot and the little lidded pot, and the big lidded pot went into the bisque firing, hopefully ready to glaze tomorrow night.

As of next week I can start attending Open Studio on Weds. nights. There's also one on Tuesdays but too early in the day. You buy your clay directly from the Center, and your glaze is provided out of your Studio fee: $12/wk for Center members like me. If that seems steep it actually is far less than a class, per week anyway. And at any rate it's the only option til I have money and space for my own equipment, etc. (More money and a different abode are the necessary steps FAR in the distant future for lots of things my imagination has decided will be necessary for me to really be happy here - if the money situation solidifies substantially before the contentment does, then new career path - almost certainly somewhere else - will move in as the next priority rather than permanent SC residence.)

Oh one other good thing I guess which I have actually been able to be happy about a lot but for some reason this morning slipped my mind: eating SUPER well now for 1.5 weeks straight and pretty good for a few weeks before that (lost another couple pounds altho - shockingly - I'm not dwelling on that part so it's just a nice fringe benefit, even tho *whispered with delight* 2.5 more pounds and I will be seeing a number on the scale [in the tens spot] which I have not seen since 2004 :)

Fringe benefit of the fringe benefit helps too: lots of "new" clothes I for some reason had saved but haven't fit into for, in some cases, as much as 4 years. It's nice to have more than 3 outfits to wear, especially when it's fun duds (and lots of old faves even) not Fat Clothes.

More on food later - that would take a mondo post.

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