sanity: priceless

En bref...
pondering Mac-dom for myself for Christmas several weeks now
+ saved up 3/4 of the $
+ official word on 5-yr-old Dell laptop problems last night: fried hard drive
+ more and more problems with school pooter, including only two working USB ports (so my mouse is now plugged into the front creating lots of cord fun in the leg well) and side panel that has to be propped closed with my extra plastic file drawer beneath the desk (but as usual the Bastion of Theoretical Tech Education and Progress otherwise known as Clems*n, or at least our college's IT budget, cannot afford to put money into the practical on-site side of technology - I am supposedly on a waiting list for a new-er hand-me-down CPU)
+ impossible work load this semester and physical quantity of materials fighting for desk/cubicle space with my leviathan 10 year old (I'm guessing) old-style 2.5'2 monitor (I'm also on the hand-me-down flat monitor waiting list) making me literally lost as to what task is what
+ executive decision for Susanchristmas to be moved up 3 mos.
+ remaining Mac money transfer from checking to savings

= MacBook on its way as of last night

MacBook arrival
+ calling IT to 86 my school desktop
= potential upgrade in sanity and ergonomic happiness

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