melancholy mac-less mitraillette which is basically just journaling out loud so y'all should probably skip it, srsly

For no particular reason. That is, I could be bummed about computer issues, etc., but honestly it doesn't feel like it's because of that, nor does it feel like it's because of all the work I still have to do tonight, or of how fat I feel today. So anyway...
  • Good news is computer woke up today.
  • Bad news is for some reason it won't charge and no combo of any of my Mac cords works to charge it so it must be the connection on the machine itself that is sick. 
  • Good news is I was able to copy my exams onto a thumb drive AND (super good) just barely had enough juice still in there to do a backup on my exterior drive. It is at 12% power left now - hopefully that's enough for diagnostics at the Mac store.
  • Also good: we practiced the Kore again tonight and it is sounding phenomenal. We're doing it next Sunday as well as doing "Song of the Angels" again (from last year) so I'll have links to share if all goes well.
  • More good news is the Apple people think my warranty will probably cover whatever needs fixing as long as it's not the battery. I can't believe it would be the battery b/c there hasn't been any problems holding a charge, etc.
  • More good news is there is an Apple store in Gr**nville - way closer than I was thinking. (I was expecting to have to trek to Atl or Charl*tte.)
  • Bad news is if anything isn't warranty-covered I'm in trouble because this paycheck was destined for two extra things already, which is why my envelopes for this week and next only have $30 each (I always go ahead and do a bigger grocery trip before I get my envelope money out thank goodness so honestly that is probably plenty - since I have no life - also that $30 is after taking out $36 for two weeks' of Open Studio fees and a bag of clay [which should last me 4-5 weeks] so really the weekly amount is ~$45, only some of it is already allotted - I was good and even put it in the car so I wouldn't forget to have it with me at the studio Weds. night AND - especially crucial - wouldn't forget and spend it).
  • Good news is the old Dell is able to go online after all. I'm not sure why I remembered it as having wifi problems but it's fine - and since I emptied it of all personal files, music, photos, etc., when I got the Mac, it is running really fast, especially for its age. So far it's not driving me too crazy typing on it, altho I have yet to do anything in French and my fingers do not remember the MSWord accent strokes anymore at all so that will be Really Fun I'm sure when I go to do the final edits on the exams. Luckily they are mostly done.
  • Not so bad news is the Dell's battery is shot (I knew this already of course) so I'm tied to the power cord... If they end up having to keep the Mac very long I am REALLY going to be bored during my finals, unless I lug this and all its wires to the classroom. Actually towards the end of the week I'll have grading to keep me busy but I'm not sure what I'll do during Tuesday's. Actually I should probably work on syllabi... No idea if the Dell will read from the hard drive backup since it was done on the Mac and don't want to use up the last Mac juice copying more files... altho it wouldn't take but a minute...hmmmm.
  • Not terribly bad news is for some reason I can't get the current anti-virus version from CC*IT to install right on here. So hopefully I'll get the bulk of my work done tonight before I catch some huge virus; after that I could just use an ofc computer if nec. tomorrow. Meanwhile the gigantic stupid red "YOU ARE NO LONGER PROTECTED..." message will not fricking get the hell out of my way on the desktop, but oh well.
  • Being able to copy the exams was probably the bestest part of it all; I could have pretty much just retyped the 2nd yr one since I'm changing almost nothing from my summer exam and have the hard copy handy. The 1st year one, tho, I had created from three entire other exams, one of which was from Aub*rn and therefore not accessible except electronically, so it would have been a lot of work to redo without Friday's files.
  • Good news also is Tully gets great mileage so even with the trip to Gville tomorrow I'll be fine with Friday's fill-up til next payday.
  • Bad news is (and this is probably part of my malaise) I am just feeling so negative and bitchy - I swear I can't say a single positive thing - well not only positive anyway - for some reason everything has to have some little snide add-on right now (and really not just right now...)
  • Good news is Sammers is completely cuddly tonight.
  • Bad news is we are both out of luck - too much work for the lap or the hands to be taken up with kit activities for very long.
  • Probably should name the Mac - I think I've been tempting fate all this time having it go without one. It might have finally got fed up with being the only major inanimate object in my life that didn't have a name. Also I recalled that even this Dell had one so the Mac definitely merits it, no?
  • Good news is Sam & Lucy rock, Sh* Sings rocks, it was a beautiful sunny day, I got a fair amount done on Leah's throw at UU (esp. since we had a congregational mtg afterwards today), the kitchen is clean, I ate well today, I remembered to take the recycling out this evening, the extra checking account is entailing a few changes in money management that are having multiple unexpected good effects, Sherri and I are going to do a duet on Christmas Eve, and old Buffy episodes are still great to work to - not too distracting, yet action-y accompaniment to doldrum-inducing (or at least blah) work, which I will dig back into now, having subjected everyone to a way too journally post.

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Applecart T. a dit…

granted, i only skimmed, and granted, this was a while ago, but mac stores don't care about warranty. there is an automatic one forever for most things.

also, just sounds like your batter is toast … or, you had it fried during a lightning strike and need to do this thing i can't recall how to do. i am sure it is googlable. something about popping out battery and restarting on cord while holding start key down (best memory half-guess).