Picked up the latest batch of glazed pieces yesterday - one I had picked up last week but hadn't got it posted yet. This batch is the most successful of mine so far here. Finally no glaze running and every combo looked good. The one piece I'm not super happy with was mostly a test and I still like it for me at any rate, and learning from a piece is far superior to not having any idea what went wrong or what to try next (which is how I had been feeling glaze-wise here so far for the most part).

This black glaze is my new fave.

When it's thin, the black glaze makes a beautiful green.


Lucy found the one that looks prettiest with her.

Probably my favorite piece - very reminiscent of Breton cider pitchers.

The black glaze does wondrous things when layered on top of amber - the amber did a super fun thing there inside, too - that will be something to play with on future pieces.

This is the one that is kind of a fail but I still like it. I'm going to make a set I think but not rub off the glaze.

The black will turn green nicely on its own where there is texture. I'll let you know how it goes.

Decent pot but almost certainly going to be reglazed.

I'm going to do lots more closed-form lidded pots like this one and the little round tan one from earlier in the fall.

Fairly fun little pitcher.

It says "Ceci n'est pas un pichet." (cf. Magritte :)

Decent little mug and great glazing combo for gifts.

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Bill a dit…

Wow, more spectacular pieces Susan. They all rock but I 'realllllly' like that mug. Love the glazing on it - perfect match.

Looks like you are in your zone now with the throwing - hope you stay there.

Also hope you find time for a few hikes during the break. I was going out this past weekend but came down with a bad cold. I did receive my Annual Parking Pass for Borderland State Park. Now all I have to do is start using it.