12/11 thanks

le 1er.xii.11 - cats, in the sun, on a porch
le 2.xii.11 - Jean Renoir
le 3.xii.11 - Extras
le 4.xii.11 - whales
le 5.xii.11 - being almost caught up
le 6.xii.11 - Christmas cookie plans
le 7.xii.11 - blackout-enforced night off of quiet and reading and chillin' with the kits by candlelight and sleep
le 8.xii.11 - cookie baking time!!!!
le 9.xii.11 - crisp morning air so cold your nose hairs feel frozen
le 10.xii.11 - yesterday's cold symptom inklings all gone
le 11.xii.11 - John T.'s feeling better & being back at service today, plus computer issues not being worse than they are
le 12.xii.11 - BFs
le 13.xii.11 - leeks & potatoes & water & butter
le 14.xii.11 - extended Griz attention time
le 15.xii.11 - w(h)ine time with K
le 16.xii.11 - huge batch of Spanish rice with tofu
le 17.xii.11 - final finals
le 18.xii.11 - procrastination couscous
le 19.xii.11 - choir inspiration
le 20.xii.11 - grades finally done
le 21.xii.11 - procrastination How I Met Your Mother marathon
le 22.xii.11 - Harry Groener
le 23.xii.11 - Sam's recuperation
le 24.xii.11 - surviving 2 weird close calls, one on foot and one in the car
le 25.xii.11 - friends, & Christmas movies on Netflix to listen to during piemakin'
le 26.xii.11 - peppermint
le 27.xii.11 - surviving two very bad drivers on the highway
le 28.xii.11 - seven deer grazing on an embankment
le 29.xii.11 - my grand nephew
le 30.xii.11 - my horse trailer that Dad built on the farm
le 31.xii.11 - smelling S&L fur

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