Seriously? or: Seriously Snarky, or: Seeing how much I can wring out of a Really Very Small Thing in order to take up lots of time and avoid all the crap I have to do.

The universe puts things like this in my path so I can have reminders that it's not just students - it's the whole society... I guess that's supposed to be comforting? (This reminds me, too, that this morning watching the news from last night where they were talking about fish oil and further proof it's good for staving off dementia I actually had the thought, "But is no one trying to stave off base stupidity?!)

I went looking for those notebook paper hole reinforcer thingies on Amazon to figure out what they were called so I could add them to my Anders•n list for this weekend... The actual term seems to be "hole reinforcements" in case you need it.

When they came up of course there were ratings... I was puzzled to see why ratings would be necessary for something so innocuous and seemingly un-vary-able so I clicked...

This from an unhappy customer who had apparently bought them on a roll instead of on little sheets like they more often come:

Not really a dislike, but it can be an inconvenience when using a lot of these labels. These poly-vinyl circles are mounted in single file along a strip of paper that pulls from the dispenser box. If using a lot of these labels, this strip of paper will grow longer and longer as the labels are peeled from it. I just rip the paper strip from the box when it becomes too long.

I'm relieved s/he explained how easy it is to rip off the empty strip. I was downright perplexed.

Kidding aside,  personally I think having them on a roll would be damned handy... and in a dispenser box to boot? What's not to like?

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