mitraillette #330

  • 400 kabillion compos to grade and counting
  • TC is nearly hairless, at least on one end... I was about to say "the least attractive end for hairlessness" but honestly cats just aren't supposed to be hairless anywhere I don't think, so... huge whatevs to the person who developed the hairless-on-purpose felines which defy most of the reason to love cats in the first place... anyway I will have to use some summer money and get her to the vet after school lets out - this assumes I can trap her...
  • Brief spurt of letters/cards a couple of weeks ago to a couple of people owed snailmail, then a complete breakdown in all epistolary habits once again... Hopefully it will pick up again this summer... And hopefully they'll still forgive me.
  • I don't like the chewable Airborne, but Mom would have loved it - the flavor anyway. She would have liked most of the sour candy that's come out in the last few years, too. For some reason that's one of the most frequent things that pop into my head in regards to her absence - that she didn't get to be around for the sour/tart candy phase.
  • Seriously, she would have been pret-ty happy.
  • "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" is NOT Cole Porter! Still getting my head around this, for the millionth time. It is just SO Cole-Porter-y!! Who knew Rodgers & Hart could be so mischievous?
  • I hate when people pronounce "mischievous" as "mischev-y-us." Almost as much as I hate "realtor" pronounced "real-uh-ter," or "nuclear" like... well you know.
  • I have about 7 gazillion Hershey's Kiss paper strips now. Probably about time I think of an actual project. I'm leaning towards a collaged bowl or a new series of bday cards... (which would entail actually sending some again - shock and awe)
  • This (or almost any other project at the house) will necessitate my finally cleaning up the office. Another not-bad-thing about not going to Paris - the office-cleaning and any projects that come out of there.
  • KD & I are going to have a quick wine after my meeting tomorrow. It will probably be a commiseration wine in view of my being fired for doing such a crap job here. Kinda wish I were back in the first year or two - completely utterly overwhelmed and miserable, yes, but also Absolutely Sure things would be better in a few years.
  • Hmph.
  • I was being really positive most of this year (yes I know it was probably hard to tell for people who aren't Me...), just in case my attitude was affecting my job karma, but it had no effect and I'm tired now so I'm going to let myself be Really Quite Bitter and Depressed about it for a couple of weeks I think.
  • "Just a couple of weeks?!"
  • Shut up.

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