Poor lonely HOV

Thinking about turning this into a bona fide thankfulness blog - not much good to say about stuff these days, or at least fleetingly, not rooted. Not a bad idea to make a concerted effort at focusing on good things.

So we'll see.

If I go that way I'm sure I'll still throw in the occasional self-absorbed (as most blogs must be) and/or completely beside-the-point chaff.

Either way it doesn't look like it'll serve as very decent reading for others. I console myself by thinking of some of the better posts way back when - still writing for self-expression's sake but at least interesting to others a lot of the time and not COMPLETELY in the "wow you should see what I pulled out of my belly button today" category thank goodness.

Will think on some re-formatting and design changes to see if that will make it more inviting as a thankfulness receptacle... (Read: see you in another few months probably.)

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

well, i always liked reading any of it. perhaps the cranky posts more so than the thankfulness ones. topped by the "this is what i did today" types, the ones about pies, quilts, cat-rescue, pottery, hiking and france. also school humor.

Susan a dit…

I'm glad, t. Maybe I'll be making a pie or two at Thanksgiving... really should post some new pot pics too but just haven't got round to it plus it seemed kind of facile just to post pot pics when I'm not doing any other posting... oh well - next time I do a bitchy post I'll know it's not completely for naught reader-wise :)