If I had been blogging more regularly last fall doubtless I would have mentioned our Winter Solstice Singing Ritual at UUFC. Some of you saw and commented on pictures on Facebook, etc. OH and you did have some idea of it I guess b/c it dawns on me now that I did that one post re the stoles I made for our robes...

Anyway it went pretty well and here's the recording if you're interested and/or achingly bored (i.e. I will not be hurt in the least if you don't go listen). Couple of weak spots (if you would please just skip over the piece that starts at ~53:35 I'd be forever beholden, for example) but I'm happy to say that in general we sound great and in particular most of the parts where I was in a solo or trio sound solidly good.

Feel free to do like I do and just skip to each piece of music - here is a post on our choir blog that gives start times.

Best overall pieces in my opinion where you can really hear what we can do (not too shabby for such a small group) are at 7:10 (I'm soprano 2 here) and 35:00 (soprano 1 here so on the last phrase before the end, it's me and Inge on the high A's. :)

And since someone made me promise to underline at least one bit where I am at least slightly featured (I'm going to leave you guessing as to which little solos are mine), the trio where I am the middle part and can be heard better than in the large group numbers starts at ~15:13. (Any place where you can only hear two parts I'm one on soprano. Two places where you hear a part moving at the end of a phrase and the other two parts are holding, the moving part is me.)

Last disclaimer: on a couple where we sound rather irregular, we are actually walking around. 

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Anonyme a dit…

Peter & I listened to the beautiful music! My Susan what a lovely voice and yes I could distinguish yours! Hope you and the kits are well!!

Susan a dit…

you guys are too sweet - thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! it really was a beautiful service.