crêpes and crap

At the office, ostensibly to get some work done. Of course have zero desire to do anything constructive now that I'm here. I did pay a couple more bills and do some necessary computer stuff, even answered a student email! That's about it for today's momentum so I'm playing now (putting quote/ation/s on blogs among other things).

Jessica is borrowing our xerox machine (shhh!) to do her fun cookbooks for everyone. If you know J and had an email from her requesting recipes a little while back, then you know what this is about. If you provided a recipe then you're about to be famous, plus you may expect the arrival of this tremendously fun tome one of these days in your mailbox. If not, then too bad for you.

We're having the wackiest weather today, even for us: 70's! I had been kicking myself for still not getting the windows all plastic-covered this weekend but today I was glad. It afforded the cats a little while longer to sit and have olfactory-enhanced cat TV. Good thing because Sam is going a little stir crazy lately - more than usual that is. Lucy is wackier this year in other ways. Mostly she has become a huge affection monger. Much moreso than ever before. Plus she seems extra fluffy to me this year - maybe the two are connected. (She really is short-haired but somehow she's plusher than the standard; she feels more like rabbit fur than cat. Of course it adds to her slight rotundity, oops I mean Voluptuousness, but we don't talk about that...)

Zero desire to be at school tomorrow (or ever... did I write that out loud?*) Oral interview hell has started in my classes, a.k.a. 12 hours of utter boredom and occasional pain for yours truly. Oh all right, once in a while it's OK, verging on fun, and very rarely it's actually a treat (like the other day when one student asked me if I liked his class and when I said yes he told me that they all really liked me, kee.) One good thing in general about orals is we're done with classes so no more lesson plans and no more having to stand up there with a bunch of people in this semester's two icky classes (2 out of 4, I guess that's better than 4 icky ones but still) glaring at me due to the tedium. Oh you don't think bored people can become hostile?! I've got news for you! Of course there's no telling them that if they had just gone ahead and taken a higher level they wouldn't be so bored. (The bulk of the bored ones have had 3 or more years of HS French and only take 1010 for an easy A, which I'm more than slightly glad to say won't be coming to fruition for many of them anyway.) But I digress, that kind of stuff really should be limited to the adjunct blog, altho a little of it is necessary here once in a while. Anyway I just have to finish polishing up the final exam by Tuesday or Weds. I'm going to try very hard to take Friday off completely, at least from school. Told my SS I'd be here for office hours on Thursday but then my first final isn't until Saturday.

John is hosting a crêpe night for Jessica Saturday night so part of Friday will be spent making batter ahead of time and possibly going ahead with a batch of crêpes for people to reheat. I've been perfecting a non-dairy version of my standard crêpe batter plus John found buckwheat flour in Montgomery so we can have galettes as well. My crêpes have rocked lately so too bad for any of you who aren't close enough to try them.

*I know I know all I do is bitch about this place and this job. Financially I should stay another year to get to a place where it will be practical to think about changing jobs and, hopefully, states -- or at least cities. Also with a few changes that are happening with the 1010/1020 French program, call me crazy but my job might not even suck by next fall! (Or else it will suck in new ways, so judging by my standard Fed Up Timeframe I should be able to stand it thru Spring '07 before I really am sick of things. That would jibe nicely with the aforementioned finance factor for being ready to jobhunt.) Probably the biggest reason to wait on jobhunting tho is the fact that I have no idea what I want to do next. I'd go back to retail if it weren't for all the PEOPLE. This factor is a fair amount more tolerable at the Book Stop so I guess I could see if Tina and Claire needed an extra body right about then, or maybe go back to Borders in Tucson and tutor or adjunct on the side... The biggest problem with teaching really is my own (increasing) inefficiency about outside deadlines. Retail rocks in that respect: go to work, work, go home, PLAY (or at least do non-work stuff). School work entails too much outside stuff to do and even when you're caught up, it is in your head constantly... at least for really paranoid people like me who are constantly worrying about how certain things worked or didn't, or how to improve X or Y lesson. Gah!

Another idea is getting someone to hire me as a live-in crêpe chef. Have cats will travel. You know where I am.

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