Moistened Bint

Yup, had "Holy Grail" on last night while recovering from too much dough and too little roughage in the last few days (TMI? yeah so sue me). Also was playing the latest string toy game with Sam and Lucy. I'm not sure why but Sammers has decided that his mice are not as fun as they used to be so I'm continually looking for things to keep him entertained in a way whereby I might still do some quasi-relaxing. Otherwise he has renewed his compulsion to play with anything and everything up on top of the sideboard and/or to try to reach beneath any pictures that might be on the walls anywhere within his arm span. I swear he is getting cat drugs somewhere and is on a perpetual acid trip; he's also begun jumping as high as possible up the wall by the door to cream some pernicious creature which is, of course, invisible to the naked human eye. It's a little freaky because he jumps about 5-6 feet straight up the wall and then falls down with a huge thud; he always lands on his feet but then does that little headshake they do when they run into something, etc. Call me crazy but if the post-trauma cat headshake is necessary, then maybe the activity is too rigorous Sammers! Of course he then proceeds to jump right back up again. It freaks me out even tho he's not hurting anything in the house, etc., so eventually it drives me to find another toy option, which is probably his scheme in the first place. Pretty smart faking me out and appealing to my cat-mom sympathies.

Off to UPS in Opelika. A really really fun Xmas gift for someone has come in.... for Elizabeth and Thomas, partly Xmas and partly belated housewarming and partly just Crazy French Gift syndrome. I can't hardly wait til I get it repacked and it gets sent and they get it.... You guys better like it!!! AHEM! :)

Alas, no pottery for anyone this year. I haven't thrown all fall. Maybe I'll dig in again this spring altho with WooLI it is doubtful I'll have time, so I'll probably aim for summer. Some people were probably getting sick of pottery anyway, altho without it it means that many people are getting nothing this year; even with the cost of mailing it out it was a fairly economical way to take care of myriad gifties. The vast majority of my friends and family will have to make do with the gift of my affection this year in lieu of material offerings.

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