French Thanksgiving, where people all over France give thanks they don’t have as stupid a president as we do

Yes, it’s true. I did a slightly sneaky thing (tho really it shouldn't have been boggling enough to be eligible for true sneaky status) and put this question in the true/false culture section of my final exam:

French people celebrate Thanksgiving on the 1st Thursday of November instead of on the 4th Thursday.

And yes, it’s true that while I expected the number to be much higher, it was quite high enough for plenty of student-mocking fun: 27 percent of my students answered "True."

Oh come on, French people have as much right to be thankful as anyone, especially when you think of the hardships the earliest settlers, called Pilgrimmes, encountered when landing at le Rocher de Plymouthe and finally becoming friends with some very nice Indiens whose leader, Scouanteau, showed them how to build sturdy cabinnes and shoot many turquies and plant corne with little poissons around each seed mound to fertilize it as it grew...

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Jessica a dit…

I thought it was mayonaise you kept smelling.
At least over here in the Comm. Dept.!

I like the new blog look. Very Mod.