It's a New Susan Every Day

Well, unbelievably, I got my holiday cards done and sent – the trick was controlling my verbose tidbits for all and sundry. Kept it to a couple of sentences (if that) per person which helped considerably. They turned out moderately fun design-wise; I made a new eraser stamp of "joy" and used my wondrous old snowflake eraser stamp from 1996. I am particularly proud of keeping to my rule of using only supplies that I already had in my piles and piles of papergoods. Of course it barely made a dent in my cardstock or envelope stashes even tho I made and sent around 70 cards. I even was able to use stamps I already had! Very Good Susan. Yeah well, sometimes I actually behave myself. It's crazy, I know.

Tomorrow is the final stretch of Jessica’s move. It is very sad. She and I will take the last car-fuls to the storage locker and clean the apt. Then she will head north Wednesday morning. I am trying not to think of how black things will be without her here.

I watched two BBC Anthony Trollope miniseries on DVD from Netflix this weekend. They rocked. I’ve never read Trollope but am now quite keen to do so. The latest Darcy, Matthew MacFadyen, played über-cad/loser Sir Felix Carbury in The Way We Live Now and he was excellent, as was the rest of the cast in both pieces.

It’s 10h45 and I promised myself early back home to spend a little chill time with the kits before I fall asleep so


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