Bowl me over

Off to the art museum tonight with Tim. There is a charity event where you pay a fee, get to eat out of a pottery bowl (made by Gary Wagoner and Tim) and then take the bowl home. Tim made 30 or so bowls which I helped him glaze last weekend at the studio so he got two free passes. (I'm still going to donate a little.) We're hoping to both score Gary bowls. He's one of the profs at the studio and his work is amazing. Otherwise it's just a way of forcing myself to have some semblance of a social life. :)

Got a really fun little squarish deep purple corduroy jacket today at Mission Thrift which I might wear... FIVE BUCKS!! :) We'll see. Otherwise I have no idea. Weird entry for the blog I guess, wardrobe vacillations, but oh well.... Broomstick skirt and the jacket? Perhaps, Rabbit....

Sam decided at 6h30 this a.m. that even tho he and Lucy already had their 5 a.m. food, I was on no account to be allowed to sleep any longer... I withstood his incessant pawing until 7, half awake half dreaming, then finally awoke enough to make him a leg/sheet tent which is what he wanted all along... Anyway I had a great idea while I was languishing in twilight mode... I'm going to start a blog from their point of view I've decided. I know... could I get any dorkier about these cats?

Probably not.

At least I don't dress them up or make them special food or whatever other stuff people who are REALLY gone on their cats may do. I do have my standards....

Well there is that little issue of their having their very own Adoration Society webpage....

Oh shut up.

I'm at the library again and altho this keyboard has much better key action than most of them here, it has a broken leg so must lie flat as you type which is giving me a wrist ache. I should get the heck outta Dodge anyway and at least think about doing something productive at home before time to go tonight.


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