A Root Canal is Forever.

So that tooth I have with the hairline fracture AND the crooked root which Dr. Dozier-Donald says we’re keeping a watch on for my wonderful almost certainly inevitable root canal is getting more sensitive. I am chewing the rest of my Caramelo on the other side because I got a bit of caramel stuck on there a minute ago and it was really quite painful plus caramel being such as it is, it was no small matter to get it cleaned off even with a big swig from my fun pink desktop water glass. So basically… fuck. Looks like that will be happening this spring for sure. I’m petrified of course. I haven’t had any cavities, etc., for a while but when I did have a couple filled there, Dr. D-D and her staff quickly understood they had to treat Susan the Dento-phobe with kid gloves. So I suppose they’ll be bracing themselves for the procedure just as much as I will be.

It’s kind of like in Bowling Green when Jill Grafius and I were in swim class and the day we had our final swim exam in the deep end whenever one of us was swimming across, one of the lifeguards would walk along with a pole in case we drowned. Doesn’t instill much confidence, let me tell you, to have an instructor walking along ready to fish you out – too bad there’s not some kind of pole or some way for me to walk along next to various students who are drowning in my own classes, come to think of it...

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trAcy a dit…

you'll appreciate this

how is your mouth? i hate dental anything; the human tooth was not designed to last longer than like 5 years or something.


trAcy a dit…

i mean the january 17 one about what thou shalt not do in a language class. . .

hope you can chew,