Jessica's Departure Unscripted

For those of you not aware, our dear J leaves the country today. As I write in fact she should almost be on the plane or just airborne. Alas. (Or, I just realized, the wood-knocking-worthy view is that perhaps Atlanta weather is as icky as ours here on the Plains, which would delay her flight. Much though I would rather she be with us we must not wish a flight problem on her. So I will cross my fingers that they are able to leave before the ickiness gets to ATL.)

We had lab orientation today in class - it went better than it ever has before - I was concise, to the point, and still kinda fun. So that's a plus. I usually run long on those or on days when I have to split the period in there with other instructors I never usually have time to cover everything. Of course part of what helped is I'm still finishing the stinking WebCT gradebook so that took one whole component off that I would normally have shown them! Yeah whatever, sue me. They can look at it later, blah blah blah.

Someone said we might even have tornado warnings today? Crazy. I'm sure Sam and Lucy are under the bed by now, or at least La Lucia is. I can't believe how brave the two of them used to be about storms. They came to live with me during Ivan for crying out loud. The whole time the electricity was off and I was scanning radio reports for evac. warnings or something, they were either calmly napping on the couch or playing quite contentedly with whatever bug or ball of fuzz they could find at the time, nary a care in the world.

Which reminds me they got a new perch/scratching post for Christmas. I'll have to put a couple more photos on here I guess. :)

Just babbling. You know all those really cool literary, political commentary, etc., blogs? Mine is not one of those. Or at least not very often. Yeah whatever.

So glad the first week of school is almost over. I blew stuff off so bad before we started this week, tho, that I have a fair amount of work to do still in my catching-up. The aforementioned WebCT gradebook for a start. Really I guess that's the only thing left that's bona fide catching up. Otherwise I just have standard everyday work from this week to finish up: grading the frigging mini-quizzes (someone shoot me the next time I come up with an idea like that! - no really they aren't that bad), and setting up the next chapter's Quia online homework assignments. If I get the latter done, I'll be...brace yourself...um, what is the term?... oh yeah: AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Holy shit!! Better pack up whatever you can because you know that if I'm ahead of schedule that probably means the world is coming to an end, or temperatures are dropping fast in Hades, or...

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