random drivel

I'm filling in for Teleeda and Daphne in the FLL office today for a couple of hours. Crazy, huh? It's gettin' so they'll let ANYBODY behind a telephone these days!

I only have 7 more minutes in fact. I thought I'd have way more fun on Teleeda's computer but it hasn't been too great - her chair height is wacky plus I prefer my fun ergo keyboard in 6064. Also I had to use our email client instead of the downloaded version since her email apparently stays permantly open for some reason.

Was supposed to work of course, on syllabus, etc., for class, plus I was going to go over my webpage with a fine-toothed comb because there are lots of dead links that I've been too lazy to clean out. I also have to overhaul the WebCT gradebook. Such a huge lamo. At least I walked to school today - THAT'S something!

It's super dark already. Theoretically (actually not theoretically at all, actually ACTUALLY) the days should be getting slightly longer but it doesn't feel like it yet. I'll walk home in the near-dark and not be able to read my NYT Book Review. Alas.

Home to the kits.
Very munchy.

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