We Build Laziness.

That's today's slogan. As usual the Slogan Generator is right on the money. I have been here all day and have virtually nothing to show for it. The problem is that the first thing on my To Do list is writing a rec. letter for a colleague. Rec. letters usually engender plenty of procrastination for me anyway but this one is murder. The pressure!! On the other hand it's for Giovanna and since things just seem to fall in place for her (well ok, yes she does actually work quite hard but still...) I could probably write anything and she would get the award regardless. I've rarely seen such a powerhouse. Anyway I can't believe I've been dragging my heels now for roughly 6 hours on this. I got about 3 other teensy things done and otherwise have played all day. Damned internet.

Of course the second thing on my list is even bigger: overhauling the WebCT site.

Basically I'm completely fucked and just as much of a lamo as ever.

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