It's a cat's life...

Hadn't posted anything of the kits lately so here's a fun cuddle shot. I am in the middle of a bunch of work at the office - will definitely be here til 8h45. Promised various people I'd make an appearance at Table tonight. Not sure if I'll head back to the office afterwards or just come in super early tomorrow. Still have a WooLI letter to edit for Paula, a rec letter to finish for a former student, and my midterm to finish. Sigh.

WooLI has shifted into not quite top gear but at least 3rd. I'm kind of in robot mode - not totally stressed, but usually too busy to think about anything but the next task at hand. Paula and I had great meetings today with people from the State Capitol and here at RBD. So it's exciting, I admit, but I nevertheless would rather not be doing any of it. Surprise surprise.

OK back to work so I can get outta here. Rambling journal-y entry. Oh well.


Countdown to DVD of P&P: 12 days! :)

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