pooped, fatigued, tuckered, exhausted, wiped, wasted, crashed, knackered... you know... TIRED... no, but really quite a lot I mean...

Weds. saw me at Haley Frigging Center for 15 hours. Yesterday a mere 8. Today 11 hrs., 51 min., and counting... NO idea why I'm so tired!

Anyway finished my stinking midterm for Monday about an hour ago and just couldn't leave without devoting some of my desk time to something other than work. Still, I'm outta here in a mo... Home to say hi to a couple of really fun furry roommates and maybe even dole out some kibble, then to the studio. Really I'm way way way too tired to throw tonight but I'm hoping that our latest glaze firing is over so I'll have some stuff to pick up... Who knows, I might talk myself into throwing a bit anyway.

Classes are going well at least - way better than last semester so far. WooLI is fine but killing me at the moment. At least working with Paula is pretty cool most of the time, plus unlike someone else, you can really tell when she's kind of feeling stressed. She doesn't get negative or anything, just flustery, but the cool part about it is it doesn't make me feel like I'm the only one doing stuff or like I can't handle stuff like it can when working with the powerhouse of SS. P seems more like a real person, I mean.

I'll be back in quite a bit over the weekend - going to try just to come in tomorrow and not Sunday - lots of WooLI clean-up/organization/head-clearing to do plus make my student copies of the aforementioned midterm after I check it over one last time plus write a recommendation letter for a former student.

All this to say, I'll probably be back atchall soon.

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