something refreshing

An oldie but a goodie. After having that cuddle pic in here (page down if you missed it) for a few days it looked icky after I last posted having no pic at the top so here's an old one.

Really outta here now.


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trAcy a dit…

cats, homemade pie, what could be finer?

ps, lard?

pps, i keep getting recipe exchange chain emails and failing at them.

ppps, stomach not quite proper yet. i am reconsidering calling the foodpoison hotline, but am afraid i will get new-age response such as, "well, you silly, americans eat crap, what do you expect?"

seems that there is a lot of "crap-eating" going on in me'blog.

Susan a dit…

t!! I forgot to respond to the lard part - heavens no! Crisco City :) The crust was SO easy - I was really nervous but I'm the champion pastry-cutter-user of the world!!!! har! (Fun additional uses I apply to pastry-cutters: cutting up hard-boiled eggs for egg salad and cutting up avocadoes (unless not ripe/soft enough) for guacamole. Can't be beat :)!!!!!!