Gauntlet o' tidbits from my dorky life:

  • home internet craziness hopefully to be resolved this evening after Adrienne's wine and cheese party -- figure it might actually help keep me from losing my mind on the phone to the support people, plus this is the first chance I've had to call them all week, so there's that...

  • shopping for xxxxx tomorrow morning for the planned wedding gift for Xxxx xxx Xxxx - hoping to succeed with my idea of a xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx using xxxxxxxx and xxxx and some gold-painted patterned xxxxxx and matching xxxxxx xxxxxxx... (KEE... )Hobby Lobby only had a couple fabrics I liked so tomorrow I'll check at Opelika Sewing Center as well as (aaaaargh!) Wal-Mart; I've successfully boycotted this last all fall except for when buying cat grass, I guess until someone else in the area has as good a quilting section as Wal-Mart I'm doomed to shopping there periodically... if this giftie turns out as desired someone else might just find a similar item in their Christmas gift pile as well...

  • also probably making another apple pie this weekend - my one for Thanksgiving at Brig and Troy's ROCKED!! I have pix but they're on the home computer so will post soon -- yummers!!!!

  • well I truly have no other scoop - busy busy busy getting ready for orals and finals so in another few days all will be ready and I'll only have to show up to each exam and do final grades - plus Adrienne is giving me and all the crêpe paraphernalia a ride home so I better get ready.

    So with any luck at all regular blogging is soon to return to my life.
    Nyernt nyernt.
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