Thursday Thirteen, v. 5

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for my next installment so please excuse my tardiness. It's true I'm a self-diagnosed seasonal depressive (Bah Humbug!) but also I'm just dorkily busy, and since neither of these is a particularly good excuse for neglecting TT's, factor in Major Router Ickiness with stupid Linksys... Anyway enough whining!!

Here are 13 photos from various trips to France... because I wasn't bummed enough already... (Kidding!!!!!... mostly :) Please excuse crookedness and white spaces -- too bad it didn't happen on each shot 'cause then I could say I meant for it to be a trend! Anyway just focus on the funness and disregard all aspects wacky.

1. Eglise Notre-Dame de Lorris, 12th c., one of the oldest in France
2. Roman Aqueduct at Civray-la-Touraine
3. Château de Maintenon
4. Roman aqueduct at Maintenon (what can I say, I'm a sucker for Roman architecture!)
5. canal at Vernon
6. Toulouse le Trek, resting beside a dolmen near Vernon
7. Toulouse again, resting beside a huge, 2-room, dolmen near Tours, called la Grotte des fées (The Fairy Grotto)
8. view of a cool Parisian apartment building facing the Jules Ferry youth hostel
9. Maisons en colombage, i.e. Tudor-style beamed houses in Tours, 15th c. maybe? (Mme Fontaine would kill me if she knew I've forgotten that much French art history)
10. la Cathédrale de Chartres, close-up up high
11. la Cathédrale de Chartres again... we're talking a pretty good-sized cathedral, which is why this angel on the other end of the building looks so little, again taken from up high
12.la Cathédrale de Chartres again, close-up of gargoyles and flying buttresses, which I like just about as much as Roman architecture :)
13. no trip to France is complete without homage to the Mighty Bicycle!
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12 commentaires:

maggie a dit…

Beautiful Pictures.

How Lovely.

Happy TT

Jessica a dit…

Although I have seen some of these before, I think they are lovely as you!!!

Man rotten day today - tired from the meds for this allergic reaction that is STILL going strong, lousy work juju and I come home to do the dishes and the dishwasher leaks all over the floor.

Whatta week!

Mike a dit…

The pictures make me want to visit France. I love architecture. Especially Roman and early things like that. Good TT. Thanks for visiting my blog also.

Anthony a dit…

Cool pics. One day, I hope to get to France to see the Tour.

InterstellarLass a dit…

Ah, France. I haven't yet made it past England. But their pastries, cheese and wine beckon. One of these days.

scribbit a dit…

How beautiful! Never been there, always wanted to and someday I will . . .

Anonyme a dit…

You could do a calendar with these pics! I love those type of things. Got one on Ireland last year and love being about to think about being there.

Greattttt TT

Nancy a dit…

I love all of these pictures!

Someday I will travel.

Thanks for coming by!

Carmen a dit…

i really enjoyed Chartres when I was there. :) thanks for the pics.

elementaryhistoryteacher a dit…

I'd love to go to France. I think it's absolutely amazing they built those wonderful cathedrals across Europe with no modern technology.

My TT involved a Pearl Harbor remembrance

trAcy a dit…

please advise how i may rent this apartment.
: )
one of my writers (older, worked his way up the chain to get where he is, but also strikes me as the kind who works advantages i would not be caught doing) was telling me "by the way. . .going to live in a london flat during march." bleh. "going to budapest in september." bleh. so jealous and so feeling like an inner city youth (as we imagine them) in that i have no path/understanding of how to get there from here, "here" being "just a writer."

The Shrone a dit…

Wow! I love all that you've shared! I'm fascinated by very old places and it looks like I'd be overwhelmed with visiting France.

Thanks for visiting my TT yesterday!