Hilarity... hey maybe I should write a song!

As usual I seem to get the most impressive amounts of blog/read/ing done when I have huge amounts of work on my docket, so it's no Mystery (nyernt nyernt) that I've done equal amounts of WebCT grade-updating and bloggage the last hour or so...

Here's the most fun thing I found so far: Mr. Hugh Laurie, performing his original composition "Mystery" from a pretty cool blog re: watching House called, er, Watching House, which sounds like mockery but is not, and which blog I am not going to link separately because you all are quite clever enough to pursue it on your own plus I'm paranoid about linking in my blog now thanks to stuff I read in this post of The View From Here.

Anyway back to Hugh Laurie, frankly it could be end-semester slap-happiness that put me over the top into the Bawling-With-Laughter Range, but still Mr. Laurie can take credit for a good 95% of my joy. Go see and you, too, can say, "Hugh Laurie made me cry!"

Credit where it's due, I found Watching House via Tricia's Musings, which is pretty fun in its own right, even if it didn't make me cry.

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