You all probably already heard about this but I missed NPR most of the week so just heard on Weekend Edition. My grading stopped in sobs as the story evolved.

The Heroism of James Kim

Two perspective-altering points:
a. things are really not that bad, Susan
b. people are still amazing sometimes

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Jessica a dit…

He was an amazing man. He apparently walked 16 miles before his death too. It is so sad. I feel for the family.

Since working with the American Red Cross I just want to encourage everyone to create a disaster kit, preferably one for the house and a small version for the car. I know that currently I have nothing in my car for water, food or to start fire. Emergencies can pop up any time.

If anyone needs a starting point for what to have in a kit...

Susan a dit…

great idea sp! tks!!! blogging for a while in here before today's exam - really I'm procrastinating on checking email since posting yesterday's set of grades... whenever you feel nostalgic for your AU job don't forget to factor in end-of-semester whining so that the perspective is as objective as possible! nyernt nyernt