Thursday Thirteen, v. 6

Firstly I did a truly dorky thing and published this as a draft so no one saw it even tho I swear it was done on time (my blenza date proves it - I did it on the 19th but just hit draft again on Thursday like a dork :) So anyway I'm going ahead and posting it now even tho no one saw it and no one commented, but I was all excited about how my first TT of 2007 would be #7 and I don't want to mess up that synchronicity. Luckily this was not a super mind-blowing TT anyway (no false modesty, simply fact). So with that preamble here is the TT everyone missed and few will ever notice I bet.

Thirteen reasons, justifiable or otherwise, and in no particular order, why I can't seem to be consistent with Thursday Thirteens and in fact was less and less consistent with blogging in general this fall

1. autumn moodiness

2. dorky school schedule

3. stupid router problems

4. weird weekly Wednesday time warp

5. my WonderWoman toy got broken

6. the house is a mess

7. too busy making pies

8. pooped from staying up too late fantasizing about Gerard Butler

9. can't get comfy

10. preoccupation with my lack of a future

11. Netflix

12. busy actually keeping up with schoolwork

13. general lethargy whenever any of the above aren't at fault

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