new blogger, new schmogger

I just decided finally to play with New Blogger a little (by which some would assume that if you bug me enough I'll do anything, which is Simply Not True). Switched my Super Secret Susan Journal blog to New Blogger just to see what happened... it's way simpler than this one but still a handful of sidebar quotations, and the like, and I can tell you, NB played veritable havoc with those! Lots of fairly common diacritical marks (even apostrophes and dashes) turned into â's so that will be fun to go correct...

Needless to say I'm going to hold off a bit before I switch the main blogs, probably not til summer, unless they start phasing out OB altogether. Sad Thought.

Oh well, obviously I'll adapt, as do we all in this crazy modern world. I mean I'm not completely averse to new things!

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trAcy a dit…

thanks for trying it out. i'm a chicken.

can it be switched back? i'm presuming that someday "old blogger" will indeed die off, which is too bad, because for some reason, i am soooo against having to sign in from the google realm.

ps - the cat's name is katrina, since she's always been somewhat of a disaster. and, well, we mostly just call her "kitty" anyway, as happens when you take in a stra(y)nger and they can't talk and you're not sure they'll be "around" very long. . .

i'm not sure i ever said her name on the blog.

and yes, thank you, she's mostly better now, but you'd hardly know recently as she's in hibernation mode (when cats go under the covers and otherwise start being strangely much more affectionate, you know the outdoor temp is in the single digits). the antibiotics did the most good, meaning that forcing those four anti-fungal pills down her throat (and getting my hand bit) was all just to "test our relationship," i guess.

things household-wise were starting to drive me crazy, as there is nothing more "fun" than cleaning up cat puddles that result in "don't know where back end is," but i gave in and spent another $12 on a litter box that's giant sized, all for a six-pound cat. : )

Di a dit…

I admit that sometimes I have to put the closed captioning on when I'm watching British stuff!