Watching Firefly and chillin'

Well obviously school must have started back up because I slacked on my TT again this week. I've decided I better start writing them on the weekends so they're ready just to switch from draft to publish on Thursday each time. I'm sure it's hard to believe from my poor record but I have a list as long as my arm of ideas... Each week I start to write it on Tuesday or so and then I think, oh I have plenty of time I'll do it Weds. eve. and of course Weds. and Thurs. come and go and... no TT.

The only good thing about not getting it done last week is I really was a school-work-accomplishin' fool all week - the fact notwithstanding that much of what I was accomplishin' should have been accomplished during break! Oh well... I was lesson-planning/quiz-making/worksheet-creating/online workbook-setting-up incarnate pretty much all week. Not to mention the juggling of various student emails wanting to add/drop/ask questions, etc. (Mostly positive, if you're wondering; not even much to gripe about on the teaching blog tho there was one funny thing that will be on there probably.)

So now it's Sunday and yesterday I gym'd, ran errands, attended the Panera outing, and went to the movies with Brig (Carmike's habitual technological shortcomings didn't disappoint - it didn't black out or lose sound but it did jiggle up and down for roughly 40% of the film). Today I was supposed to clean house but I think it's on hold til this evening. SOMEONE is coming to town for a visit so tidying is in order (npi). Of course the cats are supposed to put their toys away but they have made no move to begin as of yet. Go figure.

Speaking of which one of the errands yesterday was to renew our stash of furry mice so Petco was visited. Also got 4-5 other toys since I can't resist every time I'm there plus Friday was payday so might as well spread the financial joy to the kits every few weeks. One thing I found was this little rabbit fur ball thing on a string. I bought it expressly to try to repair one of our flying fur-string-on-a-stick things which has had almost all the fur/feathers pulled out of it so it looked quite puny indeed. I cut the new rabbit fur thing off its little ring and tied its elastic to our existing string on the stick and it is ALL the rage. Seriously I thought Lucy was going to have a little kitty joy orgasm. She was absolutely beside herself.

Many people have commented on how my cats are very doggy and when Miss Lucy is excited about a toy is one of the most doggy times... She was veritably jumping up and down with excitement.

Sammers takes the lazy king-of-the-pride stance with most of our toys and sits to the side only playing with a string toy if I happen to get it in his reach. Otherwise he is happy to watch Lucy's shenanigans, and shenanigans they are. I've decided in addition to having been a star hockey and/or soccer player in a previous life, she must have been a world-class gymnast at some point, too. And possibly an ultimate frisbee player (or else during her soccer lifetime she spent a good many years as goalee.) We now adhere quite strictly to the Lucy-can-only-play-with-stringed-toys-on-the-bed rule, since as she gets older she becomes less conservative, not moreso, in her lunges and flips to go for various stringed furries. Anyone who knows of the famous coffee-table-Lucyhead-knocking evening will understand why we take safety very seriously during Lucy Sports.

Well I'm babbling so happy Sunday and

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Jessica a dit…

Left the kids some virtual treats... Am excited to see my favorite kitties Friday!!!!!

Not much new here. Didn't feel well today.
Oh well.
Miss you!!