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Speechless or no, I keep thinking about this and decided it deserved more than just comment-responding... He went on a little saying that they were learning about the Quran and how it's full of directives that non-Muslims must be killed, which is I guess what he meant about its being understandable... What got me was the tone of almost compassionate patronization, kind of like "they don't know any better." So much ickiness based on an incredibly subjective view in the first place. I'm certainly no expert and have never read the Quran but the two or three documentaries I've watched and articles here and there I've read on Islam which mention fundamentalist interpretations of the Quran say that it, like the Bible, can be read various ways, to various degrees of literality, etc. I'd hate for some class in the Middle East somewhere to start looking at a narrow fundamentalist reading of the Bible and decide what our whole society (i.e. including those not under the umbrella of Christianity) was like or liable to do... (The fact notwithstanding that I in fact cannot speak for what evils the current administration has committed or may have yet up their sleeves... Scary to think that maybe such a view wouldn't be that far off?)

Anyway the course is 3 hrs/wk and from the way he talked they had a few weeks left. Sounds like the job's already done to me, at least if exacerbated ignorance and misguided feelings of pity and superiority were the goals.

I'm thinking maybe George Bush designed this class. Seriously I'm nearing a point where I wouldn't be surprised to find out that local propaganda cells had been sanctioned by his government. If this is any indication, they obviously would find welcome enough.

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Nathalie a dit…

Maybe, and this is just a thought, everyone should read aaaaaaaaaall holy books BY THEM SELVES instead of letting priest, vicars, imams, and whoever else tell them what to believe. Oooh, these reactions of people make me so angry sometimes! These people you describe blame all muslims for being ignorant etc, but what about themselves? Don't they have a brain? Can't they think for themselves anymore? If in the bible it said: lets all jump of the bridge, would you all do it? Think people. Use your own mind to come up with conclusions, and don't blindly follow others, it really won't hurt!
Grrrr. Just like in the bible it doesn't say that all woman need to wair skirts, tv's aren't allowed or that you need to wair black stockings to church, in the Quran it doesn't say that they have to kill everyone. It's just the interpretation of braindead people, who use otherwise very inspiring texts for their own use of controling people.

Okay. I'm done ;)
PS you know this wasn't an attack on you right?

Susan a dit…

absolutely, no worries :) and you're right that everybody should use their brain - too few do, esp. in this administration... and I'm sorry to say that in my area of the US lack of thinking for oneself is rather prevalent, too. :(