Filing! woo hoo!

I know I just posted kitpix but here's your encore... All the filing is done! 8+ hours Saturday did away with 3 whole boxes of papers, sorted either into the filing cabinet or the shred box (the contents of which will be chewed up today) or headed for recycling.

Anyway, as usual, certain members of the household found the task considerably more entertaining than I did...

Anything that affords Lucy some paper-sittin'-on is a good thing in her book...

...plus the fun of having various pieces of furniture arranged in quite the fun obstacle-course formation... (please ignore my scary heater - it was like that when I moved in)

...means new places to climb!

Finally Susan's done with that box!

Dang! You didn't say there'd be snacks! Potentially hard to see in the pic: popcorn left center Lucy enthralled; Sam figuring out his access route...

Filing is tiring!

Making headway... 'bout time you cleared a space for me...

Leftovers include two bags of paper to go to the recycling center, the to-be-shredded box, a good-sized stack of stuff that is destined for computer input, and a big stack of cardboard recycling since a lot of what was stacked amongst the paper boxes was stuff like the router box (just in case!) from last fall, etc. Among the fringe benefits is the current in-the-planning-stages-in-my-head quilt project fabric was able to be put away in the huge decorated hatbox which had been holding 1/3 of the to-be-filed papers. Our bedroom looks like a whole new place!

Remember the before shot from my TT? Every box here was completely full of papers to file, including the one Lucy's in and the plastic crate beneath which had yet another box inside; don't miss the one in the foreground where you can just see the top edges of the stuff stuck vertically inside. In addition to this was the aforementioned hatbox (2'x2') beneath my desk which can now hold quilt fabric as I originally meant it to do.

After... :)

Of course it looks a little more cluttered now with Spike back on his ceiling hooks plus the plastic hanging file crate into which stuff now is supposed to be sorted when waiting for filing (and is supposed to be gone thru every few weeks instead of every 1.5 years) is holding mailers and boxes. Below is the pile of growing stuff for fun packages for various friends and family that I'll send off this week and then I'll be able to recycle the rest of the mailers and boxes (having saved of course just a few in the closet).

Special thanks to Auntie Jessica for giving me motivation since she left a xerox of her passport with me when she left for Korea last year and needs some info off it this weekend... As usual even when I'm disorganized I'm actually organized (this is where Dad's genes take over occasionally)... About halfway thru the filing I thought It's kinda funny I haven't come across that thing of Jessica's yet... Oh well... About a split second later It's even funnier that I didn't go ahead and make a file of that in the filing cabinet since I knew it would be pretty important to get to from time to time.


Move to the filing cabinet... of course there's the file "Jessica's passport info" with her xerox safely inside. Of course it's a good thing I didn't think of it til I was already well into the filing job or I would have blown off the filing til spring break or maybe even summer! For the record, my tax stuff wasn't in any of the boxes either; important stuff almost always gets filed right away regardless of how many boxes of filing might be tucked away all over the house. The only downside is I sometimes assume I didn't file something important away when really I did! After 43 years I still don't give myself enough credit at times, alas...

The one drawback to all this? Minimized feline top-of-door access so I guess it may be a while before you get another view of either of them like this:

An oldie but a goodie... :)

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Nathalie a dit…

well done! I know how long those things take, I also spend entire weekends cleaning (and finding things I couldn't remember having).
I don't enjoy it, but it looks better afterwards, and your house looks great this way. And what adorable cats! Mine isn't that happy when I clean, he rather have me sitting next to him all day ;)

Bug a dit…

Those kitty pics are hilarious!! Congrats on the cleaning, it looks great! :)

Jewel a dit…

Love the kitties! And why do they love to sit on paper, pray tell? *smile* or to crawl into bags and things? Ya gotta love 'em!