Thursday Thirteen, v. 10

It's been a while since I posted pix and it's been a while since some of you have seen the kits so here are
Thirteen Recent Views of Sam and Lucy
Don't worry if you think I'm neglecting Sammers - usually it's heavy on his pix rather than Lucia's - she has been uncommonly photo-friendly lately is all

1. Lucy holding still for a close-up, which happens about once a year

2. Why it took me so long to write that test the other day: Lazy TA's!

3. Lucy helping with lesson plans - her favorite part about teaching is that it involves lots of sheets of paper to lie on

4. New rabbit fur ball toy!

5. Helping wrap Pree & Brad's wedding gift

6. Napping on our favorite quilt that Susan happened to get out to show to Auntie Jessica

7. Hey! Weren't you s'posed to file all this stuff?

8. What we found in the hallway after the barrage of Samchirps the other night

9. Sam's new pastime every morning

10. Heh heh heh... thinks he's SO clever
(Funny how way back when I claimed Sam wasn't generally a burrower! It's his second most crazy new habit... You'll have to stand by for the first - I have yet to get a good shot.)

11. I'm too sexy for the quilt, too sexy for the futon, so sexy...

12. Toss it already!!

13. Cuddles, partly to really showcase how adorable we are but mostly 'cause Susan keeps the house so friggin' cold!
This one's super fresh from 30 minutes ago!

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19 commentaires:

amy a dit…

comfortable kitties. Those are all very sweet! Thanks for sharing this week!

Miranda a dit…

Awww...cute kitties.

Widgets dont seem to be working for me today. ugh!!

Susan a dit…

disclaimer about why I'm linked on my own widget - just testing! :) nyernt nyernt!

InterstellarLass a dit…

Kitties are such good photo fodder! They have such personalities!

Happy Thursday

Crazy Working Mom a dit…

Thanks for dropping by! : )
Love the pictures of your cats.
The quilt one was cute with your commentary on it. Heh heh
Happy TT.

Kukka-Maria a dit…

OMG! So cute! Brach burrows, I don't. We have a good yin-yang cuddle pic!

Rare that we cuddle. Caught on film.

Thanks for stopping and commenting, Sam! Good to hear from you! Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried a dit…

AWESOME shots, oh-she-of-the-perfect-name.

Happy TT and give those kitties a kiss from me and my two!

Just Expressing Myself a dit…

I love how kitties just plop themeselves down wherever whenever!
Thanks for sharing your fine feline photography - purrfect

Just Expressing Myself a dit…

BTW my post is at: http://thememesection.com

Gina a dit…

Cats are the most adorable creatures ( next to doggies ,=P)!! Love them!

Janet a dit…

oh, they are just so cute!!!

HighlandAmy a dit…

Your kitties are too cute!

I wish I had a cat! :pout:

Susan Helene Gottfried a dit…

Susan, I meant YOUR name, woman!!! :D

Jessica a dit…

Your cats are great.
hahaha. You know I know that.
Miss you!

Haley-O a dit…

AWWWWWWWW! I am SUCH a cat person (have 3 of my own). I LOVED this! they are adorable. :) Thanks!!

Nathalie a dit…

Great photo's and beautiful cats! I love them :)
Anf finaly, FINALY, my comments are working again.
Phew. To stop working on a Thursday - of all days - is torture! ;D

Tink a dit…

What a lovely TT! You have beautifuyl cats. Lucy looks a bit like my Bastet. Lucy has more red spots, but then again Bastet (now 6 months) started off totally black and now has a lot more red.
thanks for visiting my music TT.

Uisce a dit…

#4 looks like waiting for the new years eve ball to drop! :)

trAcy a dit…

Our cat burrows under the comforter all the time. The same one of down, rather new, that I spent three hours washing and drying (hand/bathtub; two cycles of 75¢ in the cold basement) after she decided it was a great place to upchuck a whole bellyfull of food (and no hairball or plant-matter in sight). Darn cats for the "must go on fluffy item" habit. What is the instinctual need?

Sam and Lucy, of course, would never think of doing that to you or your lovely quilt, I'm sure!

At least Katrina doesn't interfere with paperwork. The cockatiels take care of that role.