Thursday Thirteen, v. 12

Well I only just found out that TT's are no more. Humongous thanks to Leanne for all her incredible help and work. I hope someone acts on their plans to buy the rights because I have really enjoyed posting and (especially) meeting new people and creating a few new friendships, even tho I haven't been a very diligent TTer in general. Anyway I had something pretty dorky planned for today but instead here are

Thirteen Potential TTs I had in my list of TT ideas
Hopefully if someone gets TTs going again I can act on some of them...

1. 13 movies I'm embarrassed to love
2. 13 dvd sets I'll buy when I get rich
3. 13 reasons I wish Mom/Dad were around
4. 13 things that I take for granted about my body/self and should celebrate instead, or at least be thankful of
5. 13 things in my car (w/pix)
6. 13 weirdly lo-tech things I still do despite any prowess with internet/computer stuff acquired for school
7. 13 really/pretty cool things about myself which are thanks to Mom and Dad (whether their influence or merely their genes)
8. 13 things I’d let a guy do if there were one in my life, since I don’t really need a guy but everyone needs to FEEL needed :)
9. 13 potentially weird things most people don't know about me
10. 13 examples of why I still can't sell my Buffy's
11. 13 stops on the procrastination trail (pretty much any given day where I have lots of stuff to grade and end up pottering around the house instead) or –distant cousin—13 things I did last night instead of getting enough sleep (pretty much any night since getting to bed at a decent hour goes against years of night owl conditioning )
12. 13 things in my house which I love
13. 13 things I should be thankful of about Auburn or taking advantage of here instead of griping about it all the time (this one’s hard – I’ve started it numerous times and have only come up with 7 or 8 things, unless I list all my friends individually of course but that’s cheating)

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9 commentaires:

Raggedy a dit…

Thursday Thirteen has come to an end.
I have enjoyed my visits here and consider us friends.
Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
The comments you left me filled me with glee.
It is hard to believe it is really true.
I am trying very hard to not be blue.
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Tink a dit…

Great ideas for a TT. I hope someone takes over, so we will be able to use your list! :-)
My TT shows 13 pics of me.

Di a dit…

Re: #13

I could never imagine when I moved to Boca that I would like ANYTHING about living here, but my very first TT was about the things I love about Boca:


L^2 a dit…

Great list of ideas. Hopefully someone will take over TT so you can still do these lists.
Happy (last?) TT.

amy a dit…

those are all really good ideas thanks for posting one last time

Leanne a dit…

{{{Hugs}}} Thank you for participating in it and making it special.

InterstellarLass a dit…

I'm afraid of 13 things I might find in my car. I don't know that I'd show pictures. Probably because one of the procrastination things I do.

DK a dit…

These are great! Hang on to this list; I have a feeling you'll need it in the future - then we'll all be heading back over here for list ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Don't be a stranger - and have a wonderful weekend!
A Flyover Blog

Joy Renee a dit…

i was keeping a list of TT ideas too. some of them i had filled out and almost went with one of those this week but spent six hours researching the 13 ways to support the troops instead.

i do so hope TT gets to continue somehow. i have enough endings in my life right now with our county libraries set to close april 6. TT kept me disciplined for 21 weeks. many of those weeks since i learned of the library closure, it was only TT that motivated me to blog at all. TT broke me of the lurking habit too. and introduced me to so many cool people.

Thanx for visiting my TT 13 ways to support our troops.

i bookmorked you. i like your fiesty style