Still alive...

Perhaps the best perk at my job: our office view

The good news is I've been getting lots of rest, Sam & Lucy have been getting frequent brushies and mouse/string time, I'm cooking, working out, caught up on work (no seriously, you do not understand - I do all my grading at the office before coming home each day, and usually my lesson plans and quizzes for the next class as well and today am just putting finishing touches on a test for Weds. - if that seems Same Old Susan Procrastinate-y to you then bear in mind that Standard Susanpractices for same in the past would have had me up all night Tuesday night instead of already at the polishing stage two days beforehand!), writing snail mail letters galore (well, almost galore), and have made great strides in my bedtable books. The bad news is this has all been at the detriment of blogging and home computer time in general. Internet compulsion is a big problem chez moi, I'm sure you're not surprised to know. I've decided in order to ever become a truly good blogger I would need a paid live-in timekeeper to make me get off the computer and do other stuff once in a while. As it is, all those times when you (I presume, and if I'm wrong please don't burst my bubble) were thinking I was some kind of budding Blog Queen were the times when I was zoning out in front of the pooter for up to 8 or 9 hours at a stretch, coming away, sure, having touched base with numerous bloggers and having made my own blog fairly presentable and even fun on occasion, but also without having achieved much of anything else in my day and looking forward to another sleep-deprived classday or putting 3 bushels of other tasks, be they for school or just! for me, on the backburner for the millionth time.

Susan?! Problems with moderation and impulse control??!! I know, it's pretty mindboggling...

So anyway, I confess to avoiding the computer (at home anyway - at school I am becoming better at online time budgeting for some unknown reason) the better to avoid multi-hour time warps and that post-A/V coma feeling and the better to maintain the other Susancontentment things which, rightly, take priority. Over spring break in two weeks we'll see about phasing in some computer time again... Maybe I'm not supposed to be blogging at the same time as having a Life (such as it is)... I'll either end up nixing the public blog or perhaps just being a seasonal blogger; with school most of my life is seasonal anyway.

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Jessica a dit…

I always loved the view from your office!!!!

I will try to call you this weekend. Hubby is being a judge for a science fair for kids (and these kids these days - holy freakin cow, I read the list of titles and they sound like dissertations, not science fair projects. My "is wood a good conductor" project would've been laughed out of the place nowadays") so I'll have free time.

We should make a game of coming up with definitions for the word verification.

Tonight's word "znubincy"
Maybe the policy the Gnu's started at the Zoo's recycle bin?