I know I know... but there has been NOTHING fun to talk about or even anything gripe-worthy... so... blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. And who wants to write about that?! To say nothing of who would want to read it...

So... as I have been wont to do on occasion in the past, here's a mitraillette version of our recent time on earth at Ross Circle...

  • Sammers and I invited two scrawny white stray cats into the house the other night but they didn't play nice so we had to kick them out again. Well we didn't really because it was really a dream... and by the end of the dream they were the same color as Sammers instead of white and they had become almost horror-movie calibre of feline evil! You would have kicked them out, too, seriously!
  • My students were quite funny today and I actually had quite a few in class (thedaybeforespringbreak) which was uncommonly wacky... I rewarded them by letting them use their books on the quiz.
  • Tonight is Girls' Night - the gang is going to Cock of the Walk.
  • I am heading home in a mo' so that I can get to the gym and take some preventive measures to justify all the grease and fat I'm going to be consuming tonight.
  • Tomorrow night is the last Johndue of the season.
  • I will be gymming of course tomorrow as well so that I can consume, guilt-free, all the more cheese and chocolate and wine.
  • The Andalusian grad. student said hi to me BY NAME today. He's still about 20 years too young but he knows my name! Crazy. I responded, quite wittily (altho not, probably, as wittily as I think it was) "Muy buenos y santos!"
  • One of my students complimented me on my cursive lower case "z's" today, which was fun (and which normally would go on the teaching blog but I'm lazy - this saves you a stop if you read both and/or in case I never get round to mentioning it there). In case you didn't know, my z's rock.
  • I have a new favorite French movie: Nathalie... with Fanny Ardant (who I'm re-obsessed with) and Emmanuelle Béart (who I usually hate but her pouty eyes and poofy lips didn't distract me this time) and Gérard Depardieu (who, despite being a veritable institution of the French film industry, I almost always find to be over the top, but who, in this, was the most real and understated and human and really quite touching, that I've ever seen him). There's such an intriguing and engaging relationship between the people involved, wonderful Michael Nyman music, plus the bonus of upping your French sex vocab (70% of which I already knew thanks to my restaurant work over there), if that is a goal for you, that is.
  • My crazy internet service at the house was dead for two days this week but seems to be in the pink as of last night once again.
  • Since spring break is here and will ostensibly afford me a bit more free time there is every chance there will be another wee post to entertain you (or not) in the next little whipstitch...
  • Of course there is Spring Cleaning, the writing of two tests and two finals, and 103 oral recording emails to grade, any or all of which might take a bite out of my blogging time... nahhhh. :)

    disclaimer: I'm outta here so no spellchecking! (til later...)
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    Jessica a dit…

    hi hi hi!
    I had a lot of weird dreams this week too. It's weird.

    Also my neighbors apt. actually caught on fire last night so that was so real live excitement here.

    Also i have a secret I can't share on either of our blogs, but hopefully I will be able to tell you this weekend... likely sunday since tomorrow I'll be at the Arlington Red Cross March Mania.