kitpix fix 4/22/07

Lots o' text lately so here are a few recent pix of the bugs...

Nightly tussle about to begin...

Lucy's very happy I've been in a toast and bagel mood - this is the hole where the toaster lives when not in active use. They have a 6th sense (roughly related to their other 6th sense re: the MRT in MUCARS protocols) for when the toaster hole is empty and thereby ready for inspection. Lucy seems to be the default toaster hole inspector and is quite efficient, I must say. She normally is approaching or already in the hole in about the time it takes me to extract the toaster, put it up on the counter, and grab the cord to plug it in. Sammers is only called in when the hole goes empty for unusually long time periods (read: when I'm too lazy to immediately re-tidy the kitchen after breakfast, usually on Sat/Sun.) at which point he takes special care to check and doublecheck the potatoes and onions, which also live here (some of you know about his produce fetish).

I can't believe I have never taken a pic of Sammers' face-burying sleep attitudes given how frequently it happens, in winter anyway... It is just about the cutest thing on the planet (except when Lucy does something equally cute of course :) The slightly more funny variation is when he actually just sleeps face down, resting on the tip of his nose, making one wonder if he doesn't really need oxygen at all... I'll try to catch that whenever it's cool enough again.

Lucy the paper-loving TA - defying gravity this time...

She also has a new favorite mailer in the house now... There seems to be a paper/mailer-sitting time quota which needs to be reached each day. This ritual is normally preceded by the mailer-scratching prep ritual. If the mailer happens to have got scooted under a piece of furniture then Susan is notified quite promptly and persistently by Lucy Toy/Mailer Rumbleyowls until she remedies the situation.

This is actually an attempt to update you on the current Chin Dirt sitch, which is indeed an ongoing issue chez nous. I'll probably do a whole 'nother post on it this summer when I have more time. (Meanwhile anyone doubting how truly wacky and pernicious the Chin Dirt is, I refer you to Auntie Jessica, who saw it closeup and personal during her January visit.)

I often remark about how much easier it is to take Sam's photo than Lucy's but the Chin Dirt close-ups usually belie that trend. This should have been an automatic delete but it makes me giggle - I like how the camera caught the shiny eye thing all across the frame. Proposed title: Sammers on Acid... or more appropriately maybe Viewer on Acid.

I don't know why I like this pic - I was obviously doing something exceedingly interesting in the hallway and looked up to see that the task was being overseen by the resident Quality Control Team. They were still in place after I'd retrieved the camera altho of course the shot did not come out at all like Real Life. Still, afterwards I thought all the reflections fun, especially 4 in particular of course :)

These cat pix days are doubtless when people go, "Wow we really need to find Susan some more hobbies or an SO or something... Crazy Catlady Status is quickly approaching..."

As long as I'm not eating cat food I guess I'm still OK... Oh except I already did that when I was little, so...

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Jessica a dit…

OMG they are always sooo cute, i don't know how you stand it, trying to live with that amount of cuteness under one roof must be quite the challenge.

It was beautiful out today.

I also started on your birthday present. I daresay i will be late.

no surprise there, really.