a small tip (kee - npi) about icebergs for Google

Was I the only one paying attention in 3rd grade science the day we did the dorky ice cube experiment to learn that the vast majority of an iceberg stays below the waterline? (I won't ask if I was the only one who, then, read 8 books on the Titanic that following summer, since I probably was... I know, I know: Susan?! Obsessive?! At the age of 9?! Figure those odds...) At any rate it seems that whomever does Google's fun header graphics was sick that day. I won't link it since it will probably be changed by the time anyone reads this. Suffice to say they have a potentially very fun graphic (dare I assume it's a subtle comment on global warming?) with the "Google" as an iceberg but they've put only about 10-15% of the "Google" under the waterline. Ah well... Go see if it's still there; it's fun quand-même, tho scientifically inaccurate...

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trAcy a dit…

it's sunday and it's still there. is it a tribute to the sinking? it was in april, during this weird week of man-made shootings and disasters that collect up around april 20/hitler's stupid birthday, etc.

because it's winter and i don't "get" the iceberg thing. unless they think we're all global warming-on-brain types.