Shiny Happy People

Check this out.

So I guess I just need to lower my expectations? Or else move to Denmark. At least that way I'd be closer to France. New language to learn tho. (Addendum 4/22/07: Jessica and Harland are going to Denmark in October which, firstly Quelle Coinckydink that I had just posted this! and secondly, we get to quiz them on its verity when they get back.)

On a completely unrelated but equally neurotic note, a couple of instances of mixing one's worlds have arisen of late... One student is blogging and so now has the link to this sometimes-esteemed tome machine, another from last year is a sometime lunch buddy, and a third is now one of my Netflix friends and we are probably going to get together to watch a movie or two in the summer. When he mentioned it I actually almost said, "Well, OK, but I'm not nearly as fun in person." Of course I don't mean that exactly, I have my fun moments outside of the classroom, but holy cow I really do get a little nervous at the thought of more and more people seeing how truly neurotic and freaky I can be. The real Susan does have a few fun overlapping circles with the classroom one but... Alternatively I guess this kind of thing could help me better control my freaky side?

...Yeah right.

Nyernt nyernt.

3 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

I wonder why you chose Denmark?

Anyway, I'll check it out for you in September!

Anonyme a dit…

Il faut necessaire que je dois pratique à améliorez. (Not quite sure how to say it is necessary that I practice to improve.)

Susan a dit…

"Il faut que je pratique pour améliorer." the teacher in me had to go ahead and give you the answer, hope you don't mind - c'est vrai, la pratique aide beaucoup - moi aussi il faut que je pratique tout le temps!