OK now this is war

I'm so sick of feeling sick. I have now felt sick for 3 solid weeks, first with that cold/strep thing and ever since with allergies, often so sick I wonder if the strep is back but then a few hours later it ebbs again. In general just incredibly tired and fuzzy. Sure this is exacerbated at times by my late nights but even when rested I feel quite shitty. Add to that the fact that my metabolism is dropping again as I haven't worked out since 4/7, when I started getting the strep thing; I've simply been utterly exhausted ever since. (All this ickiness is the main reason, I hope, that this semester seems so interminable - I seriously feel like it's been about 8 weeks since spring break. And even with the approach of finals time seems at a standstill, tho usually at this time of the semester it seems to race by.)

Anyway, as I've said, like lots of Aub*rn transplants I know, I've almost never had allergies until moving here (very slight occasional symptoms during palo verde season in Tucson) and then only quite mild the last couple of years . This year is off the charts and nothing seems to help. I am doing cyclical medicating; I take Claritin one day, to which I think I'm developing a tolerance or something since it only seems to be about 1/4 as much help as last year, then I'll take Sudafed a couple days later, which helps with the congestion of course but nothing else, then I go without anything for a couple of days, thinking "what's the use?"

This morning I woke up kind of panicking about the workout issue and still feeling exhausted and fuzzy. A few people have mentioned that local honey is good for helping one acclimate to allergens so I went to Dayspring today and Yolande gave me some Eufaula honey plus reminded me of something from my Tucson life, that dairy is a big contributor when you're having allergy problems. I knew this from when I was on Water St. since we were all vegan and the occasional times when I'd go ahead and have cream in my coffee or some ice cream I'd be a little congested the next day or so. It dawned on me, too, that since I've been feeling so tired I've also been drinking coffee more often and I'm always putting cream in it, so I bet that has contributed as well.

So, all dairy out of the fridge (there was only some 1/2 & 1/2 and a little colby) and I added soy creamer to my grocery list for today plus since I'm kind of in cereal season now anyway and have been using soy milk, I'll just add in some of my honey on it and see what happens.

Going to the gym today, too, exhaustion or no exhaustion. Luckily for my weights I don't need to feel particularly energetic, and I'll try to talk myself into at least walking on the treadmill after if I'm not up to doing the elliptical.

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