s.o.c. experimental slightly toasted post while watching Blues Brothers and lamenting a few things and eating popcorn and grapes

Just back from Girls' Night at Juliana Tokyo and isn't it cool that I am still a good speller when I'm toasted? and we had fun altho now there seems to be a plan to do some kind of middle-aged Supper Club invasion which isn't particularly exciting to someone who did the whole Supper Club thing when here as a grad. student and is nowhere near eager to go back and revisit either the Supper Club or her quasi-youth but whatever boy was the crazy waitress at JT completely inept or what and luckily Adrienne noticed that gratuity was already included - lucky for the waitress, who was only going to get 10% from yours truly, who virtually never tips below 15%, so that should tell you something but this way she (the waitress) got 18% from each of us... and lucky for us since that way we realized not to leave anything else since holy cow martinis are always so expensive - the better to pretend you're in NY in an episode of Sex & the City (which I admit to having really liked way more than I would ever have thought possible, except for Carrie's clothes which persistently sucked in my book - is there ever a day where Carrie woke up and thought, "maybe I could avoid the Whore Look today?" I don't think so - fuck! seriously! [I cuss more when toasted] or something...) as for martinis I had an Orangesicle and a Lemon Drop - the latter was probably better for me since, tho yummy, it was tart and therefore not as guzzly [Mom would have loved it - she loved tart things - to kind of a crazy degree - I often kind of wish she were here just because of the new Tart/Sour Candy trend 'cause I would send her little tins of crazy sour yummies from time to time if she were still alive] anyway the Orangesicle wasn't quite the same as a Dreamsicle really, more watery or something in a way but quite yummy - and very perty - white and frothy - I mentioned that it looked like the martini version of the white witch of Narnia (not having read the books I'm not sure that's the correct term but you know what I mean - whoever Tilda Swinton played in the movie...) The sushi was good but no better than Mandarin House, slightly more expensive, less fun service, and no Jessica, but that's a whole "n"other subject... :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I am again suffering from Post-social-gathering Susanverbosity Guilt. Most people, when quizzed, claim it to be unfounded but I feel just as weird either way. It was that last comment about The Classroom Desktop Butt-shaped Wetspot Day that put it over the top. (you teaching blog readers know all about it) Up til then I wasn't hogging the mic at all, but that put me over the quota this is not a good bunch of grapes - some very sour ones, then a slew of 'em with no taste whatsoever, then the occasional Really Yummy one, just often enough to keep you from throwing them all out - just enough to tease your optimism... I don't know I'm not really liking this Supper Club idea - the ones who like it most are those who've never been there, which I guess is normal - it was only moderately fun in grad school with Kelley, probably only because of the amount of alcohol inside us, read: way too much to blog At All :) - I remember one time in particular where the band was doing exclusively Guns 'n' Roses covers. Yeah, um, not exactly the highpoint of my time at Aub*rn. Nowhere near as fun as all the time spent at Lionel and Vicki's parties or at Darnell's with Kirk... how can a place be so incredibly great and then a mere :) 12-17 years later (depending on whether you count to my re-arrival in 2002 or to the current year) be completely unfun and full of hyperaffluent hyperconservative superficial people and completely lacking in anywhere laid back to have a beer and listen to music where you can talk to people???!!!! crazy. Getting tired now. I may still be a good speller but capitalization is about to lose priority... I know, about to?! it's funny how Belushi's voice is so young in this. Sam and Lucy were both on the bed when I got home - they came out for a snack and then back to bed. It's not even very hot in here yet but they are already getting in their summer zone of comatoseness (assuming that's a word) during most of the day and much of the evening, then around midnight they start checking out the windows and stuff, then start racing around around 1 or so, intermittently til 3 or 4 (I'm guessing, since I sleep thru most of it - har!) by the way (I have no idea why this just popped into my head - weird) the new tutor student is indeed married (altho unattractive to me anyway) and in fact is so married that his wife accompanied him to the first session - as Jenn et al said tonight, of course she would come - apparently there's a French Tutor husband-stealing archetype I don't know about - any kind of extracurricular fun in Tutorland in fact is unbeknownst to me - maybe I'm going about tutoring the wrong way... :) I love that shot with the huge red neon Trailways bus sign in this. Very cool. Again with the likening me to Amélie - am I the only person who can see no resemblance? I don't think so - I think a pretty sizeable portion of the human race would have just as much trouble as I seeing any similarity between me and Audrey Tautou beyond skin color and eye color, tho hers are much darker... Maybe it's one of those recessive gene things like the ability to curl one's tongue - if you have the gene you think Susan looks like Amélie AND you fail the PTC taste test (I admit I had to google to remember the initials on that - here's the incredibly fun site I found - I knew, or at least remembered as I read, all of the traits except the interlocking fingers thing - re: that I'm recessive btw) OK maybe it was the googling and linking but all of a sudden I'm quite pooped. HTML is so fatiguing. Holy shit I completely forgot about Aretha! Definitely drooping (me, not her)... it's just that I'm almost to the fall dead asleep stage. After 2 martinis! Mind boggling. I want to go to a Toros baseball game. Nevermind that this would entail time travel. alas. Holy shit I never realized Carrie Fisher was in this. I guess it was just a glimpse. Here's Henry Gibson now, who was always pretty fun altho even moreso in Magnolia. You would know him if you saw him. Chris, a guy I dated in Tucson, was his nephew so 3 degrees of separation for those of you who know me personally between you and Henry - how do blogfriends count in the whole degrees game? I know not. Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk on the brain today. I have to explain, the whole reason I'm watching this again is for some reason over the years I've never seen the whole thing together - I've always just caught bits and pieces. Anyway I really am about to poop out so

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trAcy a dit…

okay, i'm apologizing in advance, because you're blog is alphabetically low on my chart and i have just this past late hour been able to cruise though all my favorites and catch up. . .and have some slight toast in me as well, so if you're ambitious and bored, find me in "comments" everywhere (no way), but also know that i shall read all your posts (many to catch up) when i can be more coherent. actually i've been at this for two hours, about since you posted.

oops. i was supposed to get up early and go to work tomorrow. today's blog partially shows what held me back today.

also headaches. no, just one. the same one. i killed it with caffeine, rum (this is long apart) and other things. it took 24 hours. i forgot to take ibuprofen, hmm.

cmm a dit…

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. This experimental post has proven to me that you are definitely getting an invite to my 21st.