So you know when you get an idea and you start getting all excited only to find out that you're too late or can't do it after all......???

I started really hankering to throw some pots this summer and had checked to make sure I could put the money aside and all, but Outreach is not listing any pottery for this summer! I'll keep checking but either Po isn't doing it anymore or for some reason the studio director nixed it maybe... There were still plenty of students last time I ran into anyone from the class so I doubt it was from waning interest. Anyway hopefully I'm wrong and they just haven't posted it yet or something. In the meantime it's been a little text-heavy in here lately so here's a pot from a few years ago - the inside glazing is horrid so I put it way up high on my FDG bookcase and have it filled with sand; it makes a great incense pot! Anyway cross your fingers for clay play. kee.

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Jessica a dit…

Crossed my fingers and my toes!