let it not be said I am not at least occasionally obliging to my public...

Here are PG pix of Sam and Ira (except Ira's in the speaker) I'm posting in reaction tocertain Doubting Thomas blogreaders, blurriness notwithstanding, knowing full well that they will not necessary allay any doubts. Beyond the obvious limits of these pix you'll have to just take my word for it that Sammers was rubbing quite crazily all over my speaker...

...and then moved on to the monitor equally aggressively.
I shouldn't be surprised when people feel compelled to doubt the veracity of Sam & Lucy stories. Can I help it if I have the most unique and crazy cats in tarnation? Of COURSE their exploits will be unfathomable to most mere mortals!

It's just as well these are blurry - if they were clear I'd have to up the blograting to R.

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Jessica a dit…

That is hilarious. That Sammers! I miss him and his antics. It was so nice to have a long weekend. Actually wrote you a real letter today - amazing.

It has a horrible confession in it. About Knitting. And loss. And something being found again. It's a letter that almost has plot.

So here's something funny - yesterday i thought of your orange zest/juice story as I was zesting a lime. And although the lime smelled really yummy and looked green and refreshing I took the story to heart, and did not eat one.

Jessica a dit…

I mean the orange zest/cranberry story of your youth!