"Sammers really likes Ira Glass" or, a really meandery post touching upon cats, technology, pawpaws, stickshifts...

Listening to This American Life episode "Road Trip" and every time Ira Glass comes on in between bits, Sammers starts climbing on the desk and sniffing the speakers.


It's a little embarrassing.

Between my home internet being sick right now and spending time in a workshop all week plus lots of fun yakking and A/V-media-ing with Andy, my wee blog has been a bit neglected of late. I'll have to make up for it this week. I'm likely to have quilt news plus I have some stuff I've been wanting to cook, which is always good for blogfodder.

Part of the media-ing has been on my own, too. As I said before, iTunes is Go here at Ross Sq. at last plus new speakers are living with us now. Mind you, this is the best audio quality ever at a Susanabode (that looks really fun - if my name were "Susana" you'd all be wondering what a "bode" was - I could add a hyphen to clarify for you but I don't mind making readers work on occasion - how Nouveau Roman of me!) considering that the last time I had anything more than a boombox was around 1990 when I had one of those dorky console units with double cassette decks, one CD drive and a turntable on top. (At first the woofer was something of an issue. Lucy in particular was a bit conflicted with its similarity to dreaded thunder, but now she's acclimated.) In addition to listening to really fun new music I'm getting to know thanks to the indie music guru, I've been loading lots of old CDs and listening to old stuff I've had for years via decent speakers, in many cases for the first time. It's all so addicting!

Now they're (TAL) talking about "PawPaw for Jesus." "PawPaw" here is a town but it reminds me of Dad talking of eating pawpaws when he was little. Sometimes he'd find a pawpaw tree when we'd be visiting in the hills or later when he and Mom lived there. Sad, I'd never recognize a pawpaw tree anymore I don't think. I guess there are plenty of other things I retained from Dad's varied tutelage that make up for it, like not throwing balls like a girl and handling a stickshift. (One of these lessons was somewhat more traumatic than the other - 5 points to whomever can guess which. Nyernt nyernt.) There was also Pig Castrating 101, but that is somewhat less applicable to life in general.

OK off to my shower - fun Panera this morning as we had some new blood and some slightly new blood; Giovanna's husband, John, came as well as Kevin & Adrienne. We only mentioned carpenter bees in passing and it was all Kevin's fault. You must forgive the newbies their lack of proper caution with potentially volatile subjects like entomology.

I left first for probably the first time ever so I could get to the PO and mail all the packages I had finally wrapped up last night (while waiting for stinking putain de merde Charter guys à la con who never showed zob). So now several people have really fun tidbits coming at them this week - or probably next, in Naoe's case. Also I got my speakers mounted on the desk last night during Charter Limbo. Very very cool, the fact notwithstanding that their placement doesn't quite jibe with some people's standards of symmetrical aesthetics.

Uh oh - now I REALLY have to hit the shower (which makes it seem like perhaps I've worked up a sweat blogging but no, altho sometimes it is a bit rigorous) so I'm not even rereading this to make sure I've closed all the digressions and spelled correkly...

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Need pics of this Feline-Ira lust, or else... it didn't happen.