Reason #573 why I need the hell out of this job or, at least, a drug to deaden my personal injustice radar

It's not a real day unless we have a diatribe...

Imagine all our surprise in FLL (likewise in other departments, I gather) as we meander in this week to do finals week fallout sorting, to see that our office bulletin boards (the ones in the hall outside each office door where we put stuff that is fun, informational, or anything in between pertaining to language) have been stripped bare. In addition to the personal/office-specific boards, the larger program-specific bulletin boards were equally napalmed; in the case of the French one, we're talking 20 or so folders of materials for students interested in majoring, minoring, doing assistantships in France, trying for PiDeltaPhi (the French academic honor society), etc. etc. etc. It looks quite surreal for absolutely everything to be gone from the hallways (except, ironically, two or three unofficial things that were taped to the walls themselves, probably by random posting bandits).

Gone forever to yours truly and particularly painful (among other, more French-study or French news things):
  • one (1) Volver movie poster (read: the Volver poster that I was going to take home to replace my Big Bad Love poster in the bedroom which is getting a little bedraggled)
  • one (1) The Departed movie poster, French version with French title and credits (notwithstanding the fact that the title in French was badly done)
  • one (1) gut-splitting New Yorker Roz Chast cartoon about why the French are cool that has been a part of my office miscellanea since AZ

    Excerpt from my letter to the building manager, whom I actually adore and am sure is only at fault in the standard the-buck-stops-here way:

    I am sure you are getting bombarded by plenty of emails re: the bulletin board FIASCO but as a fellow victim I must have my say of course, so please add my name to the list of people who are quite angry. Two irreplaceable foreign language movie posters were perhaps the MOST dire of the pieces of PERSONAL PROPERTY to be STOLEN from the bulletin board outside our office. I know it's probably too late but if there is ANY chance that these things are still sitting in a trashbag somewhere with other bulletin board victims' materials I would like the chance to dig for them, unless of course they're already in with a dumpster full of misc. garbage.

    Likewise I am SURE that whomever committed this atrocity was NOT told to do so on departmental floors at office-specific bulletin boards but simply cannot follow directions and obviously is too ignorant to realize that bulletin boards on those floors are an entirely different animal than the ones on classroom floors. Please consider limiting this person's responsibilities to bona fide trashcans in future. Perhaps that way s/he will not throw away essential materials. I am afraid other tasks might be too much for their mental capacity.

    I know, I know, this is probably not the fault of the actual thrower-awayer but instead that of some overly literal mini-supervisor. This person then, I believe should be demoted to outdoor trash duty; presumably anything on campus grounds that is not trash but s/he wasn't sure of, would be either bolted down or too heavy to lob into a trash bag.

    I think we might as well just leave the bulletin board empty from now on as a tribute to my poor posters. I'm going to bring in some paint and mark it with "R.I.P." and a cross, or I could put: "Sorry our bulletin board is so boring but the building staff is too stupid to leave shit alone."

    Now, about that injustice-radar-control drug... Can anyone hook me up?
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