a close facsimile of what I just put on our bulletin board at school

Here lie the memories of
two fantastic foreign movie posters
one incredibly cool French cartoon
...among other tremendous French miscellany.

Nevermore to be enjoyed by any person,

compliments of the Haley Center custodial staff.

I realized they stole all our pushpins, too. Bastards.

(see post below for all the gory details)

Update 4:13pm...Tee hee - I'm at the office with the door closed and just heard one of the male dept. members heading for the bathroom only to pause just outside our door... Weighty chuckles followed a couple of seconds later. Glad I could brighten someone's day with my persnicketiness.)

3 commentaires:

Laura a dit…

not that this has anything to do with your post(and I'm really sorry to hear about your posters and whatnots, btw) but my new GM at Hibachi says he had you a while back for French. His name is John Something and you stayed at the same hostel or something in Switzerland. I thought it was funny... so yay.

trAcy a dit…

john something, yes, that should do it.

ooh. meanie.

anyway, sorry your things were considered trash. maybe an obsessed student stole them instead?

where's that memo that says "all personal items must be removed by x otherwise will be shredded and not even recycled."??

quel dommage.

Susan a dit…

the weirder thing is I think I know which John it is - that is I think it's one of my fave students from my first or second semester here but I am not sure we ever talked about Balmer's. It might be a totally different John tho. nyernt nyernt