uh oh!

This is my best blueberry pie ever! Well, OK, those who know me best know there's almost always some kind of disclaimer so if there's one thing that could have come out better, it's the crust - didn't roll out enough to get a good turnover. Still fun and yummy!

And no runny filling even tho I didn't do any of my standard blueberry pie thickening experimentations. The big difference was I used way more blueberries than normal. My BHG says 5 c. and my Best Recipe says 6 c. but I think I used close to 8 c. altho it still wasn't very heaped.

You can't see how yummy it is so you'll just have to trust me, altho I did forget and put in an extra 50% or so orange zest. That is, I think it's good but it's a little more tangy than most BB pie.

And oh so perty!

I also made a fair-to-middlin' meatloaf altho it is not as photogenic...

2 commentaires:

trAcy a dit…

oh my gosh. how can you do such wonderous things as to make your efriends so jealous in mind and in belly?

granted, i eat way too much right now for the last few months, and i don't know how to stop, but still, i can't recall making and eating pie. brownies lately, but they dried up for some reason. i did everything properly.

Laura a dit…

i congratulate you on an excellent job. I'm not much for making pies but when I try blueberry cobbler or what have you, it always turns out looking like "your brain on drugs".