You watching Sam watching Idris

There's probably a deconstructionist paper in here somewhere, if I still did that kind of thing. HAR! Anyway here's a certain tawnybug entranced by the Idris Elba YouTube vid Andy just sent us. Really Sammers was way more interested when they started showing The Reaping clips, but of course he would never behave in the cinema so he'll have to wait and rent it (needless to say I will find a good book and stay in the bedroom).
Nothing against Hilary (Swank) but obviously she's not quite as interesting as ol' Idris... I have to concur.

p.s. Holy cow is he one of the two most incredibly gorgeous kits in all the universe or what?!?!?!?! Look at those eyes for crying out loud!

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trAcy a dit…

that cat is gorgeous. katrina is not as lovely, though she can look sheeba-like and smooth when she's being brushed. i hate shedding season. there seems to be also a puddle or hairball every day, as well as little lost dry poops in random places. i'm tired of washing up after her.