skirt/s and nightowlness

So I alluded the other day to my fun trip to Mission Thrift and here is my new favorite garment* which, for the record, I have worn 3 times already, regardless of who may or may not have witnessed same. (Sam of course, whose existence is never in question, had to check out why I had spread something new on the bed. I'll have to get some Lucypix again soon since we've been Sam-heavy of late in here. She has been particularly fidgety lately tho.) It is so fun and light and cool that I bought fabric to make another light cotton skirt but I don't like the pattern I got. I'm either going to have to tweak it myself or look for another, but it should be done in the next little while either way. Add to the existing one pictured above another fun dressier Mission Thrift one and two more I found at Ross tonight: one casual and one dressier. I should of course take more pix, both as proof and to show off the funness, but I'm pooped.

It's LATE for crying out loud!

This is bad; I'm turning back into a nightowl, at least partially due to some corruption from a certain A/V buddy. True, I only have to get up particularly early once a week this summer (tutoring the Michelin guy Tuesday a.m.'s - 3 hours - ugh - necessitating absolute refreshed- and awake-ness) but when I sleep in too far as the summer progresses, I'll soon be to the place where I'm sleeping past the Cool Morning phase and into Steamroom Central where the heat actually wakes you up and you're damp and dead and feel like you're in a coma for the next two hours regardless of how much sleep you got... Uh oh, just realized of course as the new quilt project gets going (for which - fun! - I finally decided on a design tonight and have all the fabric - just need to prewash and start cutting since I got my fun quilting foot set from Opelika Sewing Center a couple weeks ago), I imagine I'll be working on that late night like last year so there's nothing for it I guess. Midday zombieness notwithstanding, I should probably learn to re-embrace my nocturnal nature anyway, at least for summer (8am class again this fall); it's in my genes after all, Sara Lee Booth having been the queen of all nightowls.

*btw it only looks like pawprints - it's really flow'rs

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

This only proves your possession of the skirts, not the actual wearing of them ;)

Susan a dit…

Such a stickler! I can see further strategies will be necessary for skirt-wearing verification...q

Susan a dit…

the "q" was an accident. ftr.

Jessica a dit…

cute skirt! I can vouch I have seen Susan skirt wearing, although not this one.