Or, for you non-Nihonners, "It's pottery!" They posted the summer pottery classes so color me signed up. I'm weirdly nervous since I haven't been in the studio in about a year and a half so I'm worried I won't remember how to do anything or all my pots will be crap, but hopefully all will be well. (Crossing my fingers is out, obviously, altho any of you who would like to contribute to the fun Susanpot vibes are welcome to jump in!)

To celebrate, here's a shot of a set I made for FDG a few years ago for Christmas. (Please excuse the dorky and inaccurate date stamp; I don't want to crop the bottom pot.) Not bad if I do say so myself. With any luck I'll throw some stuff at least half as fun this time.Still, I only signed up for the first session. Between the kits, bein' social, quilting, Netflix, all the other stuff I wanted to do this summer, and - oh yeah - tutoring and getting stuff ready for fall, I'll have to see how crunchy things are the first couple of weeks and then decide about second session. Also we'll be seeing how crunchy money things are, all AU money being received and accounted for until August 31, (plus my IRS refund - woo hoo! big bucks, no whammy!) and not wanting to count on tutor money until it's in my grubby little paws...

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trAcy a dit…

enjoy the summer. it's chilly here today inside. the last spring hurrah before sticky season. however, despite our $50 non-AC season electric bills and the likelihood, with today's paperwork actions that we'll have a second bill for a time, we use that evil mechanism, unlike you.

i can hardly stand being that hot all the time. i was doing okay a few weeks ago when it was rising, then we had tons of rain, a few horrible humid days and now this. i am sniffly.

so, yes, we're putting in an offer today. i don't know how to feel. i keep freaking myself out with thoughts like "i should feel more nervous" and then i do and it's horrible.

i don't want to think i'm taking it lightly, since i acknowledge in advance it may be a mistake, unforeseeable, but nonetheless a possibility i have to be okay with (like the possibility caused by human error in birth control).

still, i feel like it's out of my hands, i'm as informed as i possibly could be, there are a few little cushions out there, and why would they want us to fail? meaning, i trust their voodoo mortgage math, their faith in credit scores and job consistency.

it's a little scary to think i'm going to be tied to my employment in a new, bonding way. i like the freedom of being able to maybe mess up. i like security, and the security of being able to flee.

ah well. i can't recall. . .did you have a house at some point?

Jessica a dit…

Yeah Pottery!!
Sorry I have not been online. Package on its way to you (be sure to look at the packing material).