Sonic Friday

  • Whatever that means. That is it's actually relevant in that it's Friday and John & Eric & I went to Sonic for supper but beyond that it doesn't mean anything. It's not like a tradition or anything like Fish Fridays at Taylor's for lent or All-You-Can-Eat Spag Night (Thursday as I recall) at Nero's where I worked in Gainesville (btw don't work at an Ital/pizza place if you're living hand-to-mouth and can only afford the pizza leftovers at the resto - your pocketbook might like it but your bowels will not).

  • Probably Sonic Friday means another babble post, altho sans martini this time. Partially fed by the post-bday funk, allayed in part thanks to impromptu social time this week. Hopefully can keep any remnants of it from coming in as I dig into the new quilt project.

  • Crazy Blogger doing periodic autosaves on your drafts now - I mean I guess it's a good idea but it feels kind of like your mom or something telling you to do something you would remember to do anyway, unless you're not like me and continually lose posts. I don't but I guess one of these days when I ignore the little low-battery warning when I'm in the livingroom I'll be happy for the autosaves even tho when I bring him out of hibernation again the posts are always there waiting.

  • I might make another pie this weekend - I'm itching to make apple again, mostly 'cause the last few apple pies were not as good as the one at Thanksgiving so it's kind of sticking in my craw (npi) that I haven't been able to recreate the perfection that was the Thanksgiving apple pie.

  • Planning to start the aforementioned new quilt project, tho, too, so probably I'll get all wrapped up in that (npi bis) and forget all about pie plans... Of course miracles do happen... I hear.

  • I promised the boys I would go to Panera tomorrow, or almost certainly. That sounds like they were pleading and begging that I attend, and tho it would be fun to leave you with that impression I will fess up that it was entirely my idea. Of course if I plan to have coffee I will do so before leaving Ross Sq. so as to make sure it's actually coffee and not just brown colored water. I might eat first, too, for that matter... might be a Big Blue Bagel day now that I think about it. Too bad Jessica isn't here to partake. Oh well, that's what happens when people move away, they can't go to the one or two actually fun places here anymore with Susan. Har.

  • It is continuing to be chilly here, kinda - that is, not, again, by 1970's Ohio standards, but by 2000 Aub*rn ones, or I guess 2000 Susan in Aub*rn ones, since (as Andy reminded me yesterday) there is often a chilly stretch in May.

  • Told you I was going to be babbling. Why is it always in summer my posts turn into faux journaling? It doubly makes no sense since I also journal way more in summer - unless that's the answer: when I'm journaling more my head no longer can tell the difference between blogging and journaling? Calls for more study, alas. This whole Web 2.0 culture is begging to have papers written on it. Linguistics, communication, authorship, psych, soc... (Is Deborah Tannen jumping up and down with an interlocution orgasm somewhere?!) Too bad I'm not in grad. school anymore (not that I was studying anything I could apply to this stuff but well). I'm sure there must be plenty o' scholarship erupting over it already w/o my input tho.

  • The other thing helping with the week's mood is I'm back at the gym, with a vengeance. I like my gym during the year but I LOVE it in the summer. No Barbie dolls at all, or at least few enough that you can ignore them completely. During the school year the percentage is much higher even tho our gym has a pretty high number of normal looking people if you go the times I go. Fringe benefits on occasion, too: today they had fruit for us. I got an orange. It rocked.

  • I must say the new quilt project is very exciting and should turn out quite beauteous (unless I just jinxed it of course by saying that). It is a surprise for someone so I can't give you any looks until it's done and sent, unless I'm able to extract a promise from the gift-ee about their not clicking on certain blog posts if I hide quilt news in backdated entries or something... we'll see how fun it really starts looking and how anxious I am to toot my horn...

  • ...which is really what this whole blog is about anyway.

  • Nyernt nyernt nyernt.
  • 5 commentaires:

    Anonyme a dit…

    As long as it's not faux journalism then it's all good.

    Laura a dit…

    I'm not so sure but I'll ask him when I see him today. And Faux or not, your journals are perpetually entertaining. :)

    Susan a dit…

    nn: no faux journalism here - all bona fide nyerntiness!

    Anonyme a dit…

    toot your horn all you want! It sounds lovely. I've been obsessed with two movies you might enjoy: The F Word and Weather Underground. I haven't had much time to update my blog, so I bought a notepad to write everything down and I lost it in some backwoods river in the outskirts of Montevallo along with my camera and now i can't log in.-cmm

    Susan a dit…

    omg I have Weather Underground as of today! crazy! I watched F Word last month - very entertaining indeed altho I disagreed with his grammatical analysis at one point - I think he classified a case such as "one effin big mess" or sim. as an example of using "effin" as an adjective. Hellooooo! Adverb anyone??????? :) Clearly "effin" is modifying "big" here, not "mess"! (Even when exhausted she's hyperanalytical!)