Land O'Lakes fun

No, this has nothing to do with butter but you must allow it's fun.

I made it to Panera today even tho I had been up til 4h30 playing with iTunes which Andy helped me get going finally (ftr eventually I probably could have figured it out on my own but there's the whole getting-'round-to-it issue, which had not come to fruition in the 10-odd months since I got my pooter and it was indeed much more efficient having a connoisseur show me all the crucial stuff in a nutshell).

So we had our standard intellectual and oh-so-high-brow ball at Panera, partially fueled (I flatter myself) by my lack-of-sleep slap-happy-ness. In addition to talking about some fun Gen Y articles John was telling us about (he has since sent them to me - I'll have to post them on here one of these days for the enjoyment and/or consternation of all) we retouched various fave themes like carpenter bees (which topic we expanded quite admirably from prior rutted trails, those of you who cringe at the very sight of that word in juxtaposition to myself, John, & Eric) and the now famous Land O'Lakes box trick (which I'm finding is not as famous as once believed - here if you don't know what we're talking about). There was even talk of a mythical Land O'Lakes box craft party, maybe one station of mehndi (henna tattoos) and one of L.O'L. (npi) crafts. Or have everyone bring the butter, too, (no, don't go there you Potty Heads) and we could make 3 kabillion cookies... Why am I now seeing margaritas in the picture?

C'mon, it's an idea, albeit one more appealing to sleep-deprived brains.

Off to the gym, with Sherman the Shuffle, where I'll continue listening to This American Life episodes. So many addictions, so little time.

...John says we're Boomers but I think I'm Boomer/X/Y¾. (Weak cf Harry Potter.)

...er somethin'.

P.S. OK, is anyone else having post options change willy nilly so that some posts come up not allowing comments? Yet another development which should stir my switch to WordPress... Grrr.

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Anonyme a dit…

What?!?!?! I missed a Land O'Lakes moment. Actually, I completely forgot it was Saturday. Mince! -Daisy

Susan a dit…

oops - I just blew your cover! so I deleted it :) oh well you can come NEXT Saturday and maybe even bring another male to bond with Eric and John.